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5324 Spring Hill Drive
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Who is the Most Reputable Gold Dealer?

When searching for a gold dealer, you might ask Google, “who is the most reputable gold dealer?”

Google will tell you –

Who is the Most Reputable Gold Dealer?

Vermillion Enterprises is THE Most Reputable Gold Dealer.

We know there are a lot of Gold Jewelry and Silver buyers in the Spring Hill area, so why sell to us? We are officially licensed with the State of Florida and Hernando County. ALL of our scales here at Vermillion Enterprises have been certified by the State of Florida. For over 15 years we have built a reputation on fair prices, honest trade practices, and great customer service.

Vermillion Enterprises has spent millions of dollars purchasing everything from gold scrap jewelry to amazingly beautiful diamonds. From autographed NASA memorabilia to buying Rolex. Our coin shop really is unrivaled in that we can buy really any valuable collectible. We are not undercapitalized!!! We have become the go to place for other local dealers. Even some out of state dealers to send their gold jewelry, coins, and bullion to sell. Do not miss this exciting opportunity. No need to ask Google anymore, come in for yourself. Vermillion Enterprises is THE most reputable gold dealer around. We serve hundreds of customers weekly – in store AND online. With our mix of friendly customer service and great pricing it will keep you coming back again and again!!! You will not be undersold at Vermillion Enterprises.

The Value of Gold

Vermillion Enterprises follows Kitco for spot pricing. But we know your gold is worth more than just “spot price”. It has sentiment too. We pay the best prices in town. Often we are able to purchase your gold and silver jewelry for resale value and not just for scrap value. If you think your belongings are of value bring it in to Vermillion Enterprises. Unsure of the value? No problem. Here at Vermillion Enterprises, we will be more than happy to evaluate your items at our coin shop in Spring Hill, FL. The store always has a large selection of U.S. coins, bullion, and currency on display for purchase. Brian is also an NGC Authorized Coin Dealer.

DETERMINING GOLD VALUE – Whether you Buy or Sell:

Not sure what your gold is worth? No worries. We are here to help you with all of your questions. We’re not in the business of price gouging or low-balling. We are in the business of buying and selling gold. We offer: Honest trade practices, fair prices, and quality customer service.

Need to understand premiums? Not a problem! We are here to help you understand.

Okay, so what are premiums?

Premiums are essentially little price bumps for rare, or considered more valuable items. A coin premium is the additional cost of a bullion coin above and beyond the market value of the precious metal commodity it contains. However, a certified rare coin in near mint condition can have a sizable premium over spot. Also, to note, unusual demand for a specific coin type can drive its premium level significantly higher.

Vermillion Enterprises is THE Most Reputable Gold Dealer.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell Gold Bullion. Or sell Gold Jewelry. Vermillion Enterprises is the place to go! We buy and sell Gold everything! Gold BullionGold Bars, Gold Coins. Gold JewelryNecklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings. IRA Eligible Gold.

Gold We Buy & Sell


WE BUY/SELL: Including Bars and coins. Our stock is constantly changing. You can check out our Shop page for a list of items currently available. However, for up-to-date inventory and quality selection, please stop by the store.



WE BUY: Necklaces & Chains, Earrings, Class Rings, Wedding Bands, Bridal Sets, Bracelets.

Broken or unwanted.

8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 22k, 24k


From Gold Bars to Gold Rounds and Coins. Including the American Gold Eagle.

There are tons of gold buyers and sellers in Florida; however, there is only ONE Vermillion Enterprises!

Vermillion Enterprises is THE Most Reputable Gold Dealer.


Check out our pages for helpful information on buying, selling, and investing in gold.

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