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Gold Wedding Bands

Vermillion Enterprises: Where you can BUY and SELL Gold Anything!

Even Gold Wedding Bands!

Vermillion Enterprises wants to buy your gold wedding bands!

Yep! You heard that right! At Vermillion Enterprises we buy and sell gold anything. We even buy your old wedding rings!

Sell us your gold wedding bands today!

Sell Your Scrap Gold

Sell Gold Wedding Bands

Perhaps you’re looking to sell a gold wedding band? Tucked away in a draw? Maybe stored in a jewelry box and you just do not wear them anymore? Sell it! Turn your old wedding bands into money! Do not worry with searching the internet for “the best gold prices.” Look no further – Vermillion Enterprises buys Gold Wedding Bands/Rings!

At Vermillion Enterprises we do not just buy gold jewelry for their precious metal value. We will pay for their retail value if the jewelry is resalable. Whether you have a basic gold wedding band or one with gemstones, we will make you an offer you can’t refuse. Come on in and let us talk gold wedding bands! Vermillion Enterprises, where honesty meets integrity.

In other words, we will not low ball a seller nor price gouge a buyer. Sell your gold wedding bands today, at Vermillion Enterprises!

Talking Gold Wedding Bands:

Plain yellow/white gold wedding bands are usually considered the traditional form of the wedding ring. These rings became popular because of their simple and practical style.

What color is your gold wedding band?

  • Rose gold is said to represent love.
  • White gold represents friendship.
  • Yellow gold means fidelity.

    Gold Wedding Band Metal Comparison Chart

    Gold Wedding Band Metal Comparison Chart

Know your Gold Wedding Bands:

  • 24K Gold is 99.9% Gold (24 out of 24 parts Gold)
    • Also known as 999 Gold. This is the purest that you can buy gold, and although purity can be up to six nines fine, or 999.999, it is exceptionally rare to find it so pure in jewelry.
  • 18K Gold is 75% Gold (18 out of 24 parts Gold)
  • 14K Gold is 58.5% Gold (14 out of 24 parts Gold)
  • 10K Gold is 41.7% Gold (10 out of 24 parts Gold)

24K Gold bands are pure gold. There are no mixed in alloys. However, if you have an 18K Gold ring, your ring is comprised of 75% Gold and 25% alloy. You may wonder: Does that mean my gold is “fake”? Absolutely not! Gold is an incredibly soft and malleable metal. To make it stronger, harder, and more durable, an alloy is mixed in. Very few wedding rings, or jewelry for that matter, will be made in 24K Gold. Pure gold tends to scratch and bend easily. Making it a more difficult metal to wear daily. Most people do wear their wedding bands on a daily basis. Therefore, making it difficult to wear a 24K gold one!

Gold Wedding Band Alloys

In some cases, an alloy is added to change the color of the gold. For example, rose gold is the result of a copper alloy. Rose gold is made of pure gold mixed with copper and silver alloys. Rose gold is real. But it is not made entirely of gold.  The more copper used, the redder the gold appears. A common alloy mix for rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper by mass. Making it 18K Rose Gold. In contrast to red gold, white gold uses white alloys.

White gold was originally developed to mimic platinum. Platinum is a more dense and durable metal. It is a naturally white metal. Whereas gold, is naturally yellow. Nickel and zinc alloys are added to white gold to enhance its color. These gold colored enhancements can also cost more.

Gold Money Talks:

Buying and selling wedding bands can be frustrating for some. Finding the right ring at the right price. Then deciding to sell it – can be a big decision for some. It gets kind of tricky. At Vermillion Enterprises, we are not here to give you the run around. We will give it to you straight. Honest. Trustworthy. Reliable. Knowledgeable. Let us help you sell your gold wedding band to us for the right price. Let us take the hassle out of the way for you. Do not let selling yours be a scary thing. Sell your ring today. Vermillion Enterprises – the right place, at the right price.

Value of the Gold Metal- Buy Gold Wedding Band

While there is not a wedding ring cost rule. On average, couples spend three percent of their budget on wedding rings. For example, if your wedding costs $25,000, three percent would be $750. Add in a nice stone, like a diamond, and the price can go up. Here at Vermillion Enterprises, we understand that you paid good money for your wedding bands and will ensure that we buy it from you, for a fair, honest price.

Value of the Gold Metal- Sell Gold Wedding Band

What if you decide to sell yours – for whatever reason – and realize the price you put in it, is not what you will get back out of it. What is that all about? Well, you paid for its durability and sentiment.

Gold Wedding Band on Scale

Bring your gold wedding band in today – we pay top dollar!

Honestly, with jewelry, you will rarely be able to fully recoup the costs of what you paid for it; however, you can salvage some of that money! Here at Vermillion Enterprises, we will not only offer you a great deal on your gold wedding bands, we will earn your business. We are reliable, and trustworthy gold buyers that pay top dollar.






Common Questions for Selling Gold Wedding Bands:

How much can I get for a basic 14K gold band?

The value of the gold in your wedding ring is the price gold buyers would pay for the metal. You multiply the weight of the ring in grams by the price per gram at 14K, and you have the spot price of your ring. Come into Vermillion Enterprises – I promise, we have an offer, you cannot refuse. Feel free to check out our blog, “Determining the Value of Scrap Gold Jewelry,” as well. It is a helpful tool in determining your gold’s worth.

What if my wedding band has stones in it? Will that change the price?

It may or may not. It depends on the stones in your gold setting. Let us check your ring out, and evaluate it for you – for free! Check out our section on “Bridal Sets” for more information on stones.

Why wouldn’t I just take it to the pawn shop and sell it?

Truthfully, you could. However, I guarantee, you will not get the same customer service, loyalty, or prices we offer here at Vermillion Enterprises. We are not in the business of price gouging or low balling, we are in business of gold buying with honest, real prices. Additionally, depending on your ring, we can and will offer more than just the gold’s worth. Most pawn shops will not.


So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding counties – Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, stop in and say hi! Come on in! We will evaluate your gold wedding band for free, offer you the best price in town, and from there, its up to you! There is no obligation to sell your gold wedding bands. But trust you me, you will not be disappointed if you do!

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