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Australian Gold Nugget Coins

Australian Gold Nugget Coins: Buy or Sell Them Here!

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Australia Struck Gold!

The Australian Gold Nugget Coin

The Perth Mint, originally an off shoot of the Royal Canadian Mint, struck gold with the Australian Gold Nugget coin in 1986. The series began with a four-coin proof set. These coins were the first gold coins to carry the “P” mintmark of the Perth Mint since Britain dropped the gold standard in 1931.

Australian Gold Nugget coins are symbolic to the original gold nuggets found in Australia. Each coin showcases a notable nugget.


1 oz coin = “Welcome Stranger” nugget

1 oz 1986 coin = “Welcome Stranger” nugget

½ oz coin = “Hand of Faith” nugget

½ oz 1986 coin = “Hand of Faith” nugget







¼ oz coin = “Golden Eagle” nugget

¼ oz 1986 coin = “Golden Eagle” nugget

1⁄10 oz coin = “Little Hero” nugget

1⁄10 oz 1986 coin =  “Little Hero” nugget







These designs became the standard for the bullion version, which was launched the next year, while the proof gold coin set featured new designs.

Paying in Gold? Better Have Change for that!

In 1987, a bullion version of the Gold Nugget was introduced, standardized using the designs from the 1986 proof coins. The proof continued to have new designs each year. For instance, in 1987 featured:

  • “Poseidon” Nugget
  • “Bobby Dazzler” Nugget
  • “Father’s Day” Nugget
  • “Golden Aussie” Nugget

In 1988, “Pride of Australia,” “Welcome,” “Ruby Well,” and “Jubilee” had their 15 minutes of fame!

Yet, in 1989 it all changed! 1989 marked a change for the Australian Gold Nugget, as kangaroos replaced gold nuggets on the reverse of the PROOF sets. The original design showcased a Red Kangaroo in a sunburst.

However, the bullion Gold Nuggets continued with the 1986 nugget designs for one more year They switched over to the kangaroo designs in 1990. Also, this year also marked the debut of the 120 troy ounce coin. Thus, making the Australian Nugget the first five-coin gold bullion proof set!

Australian Gold Nugget - Kangaroo

Various Years and Designs of the 1 oz Australian Gold Nugget Coin – Kangaroo Design

Moving forward, 1991 saw the introduction of the 2 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kg Gold Nugget coins. These coins retained the old name of “Gold Nugget” and original Red Kangaroo design. While the 1 oz and smaller coins became the Kangaroo with changing kangaroo images.

Sadly, 2009 marked the last year the 2 oz and 10 oz Gold Nuggets were minted. Then two years later, the 120 oz Gold Kangaroo was retired. But surprisingly, a one-time Australian Gold Nugget coin was struck in 2011. Breaking World News!


Breaking News - Buy or Sell Australian Gold Nugget Coins here!

Breaking News: The One Tonne Australian Gold Nugget Coin Debut

The One-Time, One Tonne Gold Coin

In 2011, the Perth Mint created a one tonne gold coin! This was monumental! Breaking the record for the biggest AND most valuable gold coin. Which was previously held by the Royal Canadian Mint for the Big Maple Leaf in 2007. The World’s 1st $1 million dollar coin! It was stolen in 2017 and has not been recovered to date. It’s specifications are:

  • Face value: $1,000,000
    Composition: 99999 fine gold
    Weight (in troy oz.): 3215 oz.
    Weight (kg): 100 kg




Australian Stardom: The One Tonne Gold Nugget Coin

But the Massive Kangaroo coin is approximately 80 centimeters (31 in) in diameter and 12 centimeters (4.7 in) thick. It features a red kangaroo on the front of the coin and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse. The face value of the coin is A$1 million, but at the time of minting it was valued at over A$53 million. In 2012, the Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Nugget Coin was awarded the title of the ‘largest coin’ by Guinness World Records. An amazing feat for an amazing gold coin. It was the Australian Star’s rise to fame! The One Tonne Gold Nugget Coin even went on an exclusive tour through Europe and Asia in 2014.

Buy / Sell Australian Gold Nugget Coins here!

Massive 1 Tonne, $1 million face value Australian Gold Nugget Coin – Reverse

Buy / Sell Australian Gold Nugget Coins here!

Massive 1 Tonne, $1 million face value Australian Gold Nugget Coin – Obverse

See how The Perth Mint made this behemoth of a Coin!


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Why Buy or Sell Australian Gold Nugget Coins at Vermillion Enterprises?

Simply: At Vermillion Enterprises we have friendly customer service. We are a reliable and reputable local dealer. Not to mention, we take interest in your investment. Whether you are looking to buy or sell Australian Gold Nugget Coins, we have extensive knowledge and patience to assist you in your needs. In addition to Australian Gold Nugget Coins, we also buy and sell the most popular gold bullion products including Gold Bars, American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffaloes,  Australian Gold Lunars, Austrian Gold Philharmonics, Canadian Gold Maples, Chinese Gold Pandas, and South African Gold Krugerrands.

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