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Gold Necklaces and Chains

We Are Buying Gold Necklaces and Chains

Sell Your Scrap Gold

Looking to sell your gold necklaces or chains? We are looking to buy them! Many people have old, broken gold necklaces and chains laying around the house. Usually they are thrown in a random box. Sometimes with the intent on taking it to the jewelers to have it repaired. But somehow it stays there for years. Long forgotten about! Well, forget no more! Turn your broken gold necklaces and chains into cold, hard money! Now is the time to Sell! Sell! Sell!

“What if they are NOT broken,” you ask. We want those too! Sell your gold necklaces and chains today– any design, any style, any color, broken or not! Come on down to Vermillion Enterprises and receive your free, no obligation, evaluation today! You could even trade in your broken (or non-broken) necklace. The possibilities are endless. Let us take it back old school style now. Taking it back Gold School to be exact.

Taking it backGold School

Gold School is in session! In today’s market, there is such a wide variety of options. Color, Chain style, Chain thickness or thinness, vintage, modern, antique, pendant or no pendant, etc. No matter your fashion choice, there is a gold chain out there for you! We buy gold necklaces and chains. What gold necklace color interests you?


Gold Color Options

The Gold Color Wheel: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Black Gold

Popular colors for gold necklaces and chains are white, yellow, and red (also known as rose or pink gold). Yet, there is one rare beauty – black gold! What color is yours?





  • Yellow: A natural gold mixed with color saturated alloys (depending on its purity) to give it a darker or more vibrant yellow color
  • White: A natural gold mixed with one white metal. Usually nickel, palladium, and zinc are used to obtain that almost platinum look.
  • Red, Rose, Pink: A natural gold mixed with a copper alloy. The higher the copper content, the lower the gold content. But also, the higher the red saturation is in the gold.
  • Black: A natural gold mixed with black rhodium or ruthenium. Ruthenium offering a harder black coloration than black rhodium. Or by method of controlled oxidation of gold containing chromium or cobalt (e.g. 75% gold, 25% cobalt). A range of colors from brown to black can be achieved on copper-rich alloys by treatment with potassium sulfide.

What chain style do you have?


Gold necklace styles

Gold Necklace and Chain Styles – Just a few of the plethora of styles out there!

There are many styles and options to choose from when selecting a necklace or chain style.

Do you know what style yours is? Are you interested in a particular style? Take a gander at the chart to determine yours.

Worry none. If you do not know the chain style, we will gladly help you figure it out. We are just a phone call, Contact Message, Facebook Message, Instagram message, or short drive away! Call, message, or stop in today to Vermillion Enterprises!

At Vermillion Enterprises, we are not limited to buying or selling a specific style. Regardless of the chain style or color, we will buy yours. With that said, we have all sorts of styles to choose from as well. You know, should you be in the market for buying one yourself! Gold necklaces and chains will never go out of style. Even if over time a particular style has changed or expanded. They have been a popular item since the Egyptian ages.


Gold chains can be found in history throughout millennia. Up to 75,000 years ago. Earliest records indicate ancient Egyptians wore them to scare away evil spirits. As well as, a symbol for good luck.  Gold was worn to represent strength, wealth, and eternal love. It was, and still is, a highly sought-after item. Remaining popular for over 75,000 years. Since then, Hip-Hop has taken the gold necklace and chain industry to a whole new level!


Kayne West with his many gold chains

Kayne West adorned in multiple gold chains – Hip Hop’s rise to fame!

Run DMC, one of the hottest 80’s rap stars, popularized gold chains. Starting a long succession of hip-hop stars wearing huge chains and pendants. Hip-Hop stars like Dr. Dre and Kanye West to Jay-Z and Ludacris. It is hard to find one rap star that has not rocked a gold chain. A huge gold chain, at that! Just like the Egyptians some 75,000 years ago, it still represents strength, wealth, and eternal love. It was part of the iconic “I’ve Made It to the Top” hip-hop dress code then. Even now, it continues to be just as iconic.

The 80’s also held a special spot for name plate gold chains. Teenagers have made these especially popular. Sometimes, wearing just the name plate. Other times, stacking multiple chains with it. But not everyone is into the hip-hop culture, or name plates. There are many that wear gold necklaces and chains with religious pendants.

Gold necklaces with religious pendant

Religious pendant with various gold necklaces


Many trends today show the gold chain being worn with religious pendants. Pendants such as crosses and Jesus figurines, Star of David, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Saint Michael, etc. A pendant with Jesus on the Cross, is a popular design. Typically in a simple gold design. Pendants add your signature style to a simple gold chain.

No matter the pendant adornment, or “Plain Jane” chain, we are interested in buying yours. I cannot stress it enough – Come on down to Vermillion Enterprises today!


We Buy Gold Necklaces Chains – Jewelry.

Common Questions Re: Selling Gold Necklaces and Chains

Why do we want your gold necklaces and chains?

The simple answer is, we specialize in precious metals. We buy and sell gold necklaces and chains, earrings, rings, coins, bars, bullion, etc.

How much is my gold worth?

We created a blog on “Determining the Value of Scrap Gold Jewelry”.  Check it out. It is a helpful tool in determining your golds worth.

Why do I want to sell my gold necklaces and chains to Vermillion Enterprises?

Let us count the ways:

Vermillion Enterprises is officially licensed with the State of Florida and Hernando County to buy gold, silver, jewelry, etc.

  1. We know there are a lot of Gold Jewelry and Silver buyers in the Spring Hill area. Our service and expertise are incomparable.
  2. Every scale at Vermillion Enterprises has been certified by the State of Florida.
  3. For over 15 years we have built a reputation on fair prices, honest trade practices, and great customer service.
  4. Often, we can purchase your gold jewelry for resale value and not just for scrap value.


Come on down to Vermillion Enterprises and sell your gold necklaces and chains! Tell Brian you saw this video clip on our website and that you are interested in sell-ing your gold necklaces and chains. Tell him “Show Me The Money!” on your gold necklaces and chains today! Vermillion Enterprises will buy them on the spot!

So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding counties – Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, stop in and say hi! Come on in! We will evaluate your gold necklaces and chains – for FREE!

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