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Mail – Sell Silver Flatware & Serving Sets

Have you been considering selling that silver flatware set your great-grandma bequeathed you? But you dreaded loading it up and lugging it in the car? Consider no more! Sell you silver flatware and/or holloware using Vermillion Enterprises Mail in Services.

Sell your Sterling Silver Flatware/Hollowware/Serving Sets with Mail in Services.

It is Quick. Easy. Convenient. And less hassle than loading it up in the car. Get paid today!

We buy Silver Everything! Including Flatware & Serving Sets

At Vermillion Enterprises – Silver is Silver. Which means, we do not just buy Silver bullion. We buy Silver Flatware and Serving Sets (Holloware) as well.



Why Sell your Silver Flatware & Serving Sets to us?

Vermillion Enterprises understands not only the intrinsic value of your silver flatware or serving sets, but the sentimental value it can hold too. Whether it was a wedding gift, passed down from your mother, or inherited from your grandmother, we want you to know that we offer the best customer service, as well as, the fairest market prices.

What Flatware and Serving Sets do we buy?

Full sets. Missing Pieces. Individual Serving pieces. No problem. When it comes to flatware & serving sets, we will buy it! Come into Vermillion Enterprises today for a free valuation of your items. You will be amazed at the prices we can offer you!


We buy silver serving sets

Silver Candelabra

Forks Candelabras
Knives Serving Trays
Spoons Bowls
Tea Pots Platters
Candle Holders & More

Some Flatware & Serving Set Known Industry Names:

  • Alvin Silver – The word “Alvin,” sometimes over the image of a dragon
  • Dansk Silver – The word “Dansk”
  • Durgin Silver – The word “Durgin”
  • Fine Arts Silver – The words “Fine Arts Silver” stamped in a circle
  • Gorham Silver – The images of a bear and an anchor, accompanied by the letter “G”
  • International Silver – The words “International Silver” or “I. S. Co. Sterling”
  • Kirk and Smith – The words “Kirk & Smith”
  • Lunt Silver – The words “Lunt Sterling”
  • Oneida Silver – The words “Oneida Sterling” or “Heirloom Sterling”
  • Reed & Barton – The words “Reed & Barton”
  • Rosenthal Silver – The words “Rosenthal” or “Rosenthal Sterling”
  • Saart Brothers – The words “Saart Sterling” or “SB Sterling”
  • Tiffany & Company – The words “Tiffany & Company Makers”
  • Towle Silver – A trademark that shows a griffin inside a stylized letter “T,” sometimes accompanied by the word “Towle”
  • R. Wallace Silver – Many hallmarks, including one with the letters “R.W. & S.” and “Wallace Sterling”
  • Wheelock Silversmiths – The words “Hand Made Sterling Wheelock Newport, R.I.”
  • Others such as: Georg Jensen, Steiff, etc.

    We buy silver Flatware & Serving Sets

    Examples of Silver Identifying Marks

Vermillion Enterprises will buy your Silver Flatware & Serving sets. Regardless of who made it.

Sterling Silver vs. Silver Plated:

Sterling silver and silver plated flatware can look and feel very similar. While talking with an expert and knowledgeable Silver buyer (Ahem! Brian at Vermillion Enterprises!) directly will reveal a great deal more insight into your collection there are a few tell tale signs that can help you feel more informed before you begin.

Silver Marks

Most pieces have a marking that will indicate the purity of the silver content. Please note, Flatware may not indicate this on every single piece. A marking of “925” refers to 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy. This is often the most common. You may also see “Sterling” or “Ster” imprinted on your silver. In some cases, often rare, a marking of “Coin” may be imprinted, meaning it was made from metal coins and contains 90% silver. Check out our Silver Jewelry page for the different types of Silver used in coins, bullion, jewelry, and even flatware & serving sets.

Additionally, a mark reading “Inlaid” or “plated” means your piece is silver plated. Either way, bring your pieces in today for a hassle free valuation and let us see what we can do for  you!

we buy silver flatware and serving sets

Sterling Silver vs. Plated vs. Filled

Mail in Service Form:

Please use this form to submit your gold and silver valuables for our mail in services. Please make sure you have read the instructions and understand the process. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Vermillion Enterprises.

Online State Issued Identification Submission

We will need a copy of your State issued Identification. Whether it be an ID Card, Drivers License, or Passport. It will need to match the information submitted on the contact form. In order to receive payment. You can submit it as an attachment using our file uploader OR include a copy with your package.

**Please note, any mail in orders without a State Issued Identification will NOT be processed. Items will be placed on hold.


    I acknowledge that the items I submitted for Mail in Services are my own.I acknowledge that the information I submitted on my form matches my State Issued Identification.

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