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Gold Bars

Whether you buy or sell gold bars, Vermillion Enterprises is where it is happening!

Raising the Gold Bar

Raising the Bar – The Gold Bar Edition

Vermillion Enterprises is Raising the Gold Bar!


Quite possibly you want to sell your gold bars.  Vermillion Enterprises is interested in them. We will buy your gold bars today! Maybe you want to learn more about Gold Bars and possibly buy some for yourself. You have come to the right place! We want to sell you gold bars!

You see where I am going with this? (Wink. Wink.) So continue reading! We have lots to talk on GOLD BARS!

What is a Gold Bar? **IRA ELIGIBLE

A gold bar is defined as any gold product made by a recognized bar manufacturer, regardless of shape (manufacturing categories). Gold Bars are referred to as gold ignots, gold bricks, or gold bullion bars. Typically, they are either casted or minted.

buy-sell-gold-bars: Cast Gold Bar

Example of a casted gold bar


Casted gold bars are created when molten gold is poured into a bar-shaped mold and left to solidify. This process does often lead to malformed bars or uneven surfaces. But it only adds character and flair! Which in turn makes it unique and more easily identifiable. Cast gold bars are considered the less pricey option because they are quicker to produce and require less handling.


You can learn more on how gold bars are casted here!

The Pros vs. The Cons


•    Originality: No two poured bars are the same because the pouring process often creates abnormalities and blemishes that are unique to those bars.
•    Price: These bars are often available for close to spot price.


•    Simplicity: If you like fancy designs, then this method may not be for you. Cast bars are often very simple, engraved only with the details of the bar and its manufacturer.
•    Rugged: These bars can be a little rough around the edges. If you want a bar that is neat and clean, much like a bullion coin, then go for the minted.

What are some Manufacturers of  casted gold bars?

  • Engelhard
  • Johnson Matthey
  • PAMP Sussie


buy-sell-gold-bars: minted gold bar

Example of a minted gold bar.


On the other hand, minted gold bars are made from gold blanks that have been cut to a required dimension from a flat piece of gold. They are smooth with even surfaces. The manufacturer’s name is recorded on the bar. Along with the exact weight, and purity. Some even include a serial number, for added security.

Minted gold bars often come with an assay card, or a certificate of it’s authenticity. They can come sealed with OR separate from the assay card.

You can learn more on how gold bars are minted here!

The Pros vs. The Cons



Detail: A lot of detail goes into a minted bar. That means the end product is infinitely more complex than a simple cast bar.
Value: Minted bars are very popular. Which means, when and if you are looking to profit from your investment, selling them will not be an issue.


Price: Minted bars carry a premium. This may or may not be a con. If you are only looking to invest in the precious metal content, casted is the way to go.
Packaging: Many of these bars are securely packaged and derive a lot of value from that packaging. Which means opening them to touch the metal may devalue them.

What are some Manufacturers of  minted gold bars?

  • Engelhard
  • Valcambi
  • Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint

Gold Bar Weight Class **IRA ELIGIBLE

They can come in many forms, sizes, and weights. From 1 gram to 250,000 grams! Let’s see how they measure up!


Gold Bar Size Chart

Gold Bar Size Chart – How do they measure up!


The Gold Bar Contenders Are:


Featherweight Gold Bar

Flyweight Gold Bar Weigh Ins


  • 1 gram – .032 Troy oz.
  • 2.5 grams – .08 grams
  • 5 grams – .16 Troy oz.
  • 10 grams – .32 Troy oz.
  • 20 grams – .64 Troy oz.




Featherweight Gold Bars - Buy or Sell Gold Bars

Featherweight Gold Bar Weigh In





Welter Weight Gold Bar - Buy or Sell Gold Bars

Welter Weight Gold Bar Weigh In







Middle Weight Gold Bar - Buy or Sell Gold Bars

Middle Weight Gold Bar Weigh In







Heavy Weight Gold Bar - Buy or Sell Gold Bars

Heavy Weight Gold Bar Weigh In





Gold(en) Opportunities

To Buy or Sell Gold Bars? That is the question!

To Buy or Sell Gold Bars That is the Question - Shakespeare

“To Buy or Sell Gold Bars That is the Question!”
– William Shakespeare

We get it! There’s always a question – is now a good time to buy or sell gold bars? There’s never a wrong time to buy or sell. But you should ask questions! Luckily, we have answers!


Buy Gold Bars:

Question: How can I find our your current prices for gold and other valuables?

Answer: The price of gold varies every day, minute to minute, just like stocks in the market. Just give us a call or come on by! We will be happy to talk about buying and selling gold bars with you!


Question: Are there any forms I have to fill out? Will it take a long time?

Answer: Both your gold and your time are precious. In some cases, there are forms. Please see below on how they may apply to you. Vermillion Enterprises will make it a painless experience and help you buy what you want and need without hassle or consuming all your time.

State & Federal Regulations:

** This applies to U.S. and Foreign Gold Bars **

  • Purchases UNDER $500 = State Sales Tax.
  • Purchases OVER $500 = NO State Sales Tax.
  • Buying Over $10,000 & paying in Cash/cash equivalents = Form 8300 MUST be filled out and reported
    • Even if you split who’s paying in Cash – if the transaction total is $10,000 or more, and cash is used to pay it – it MUST be reported.
    • We accept payment in the form of cash, wire transfer, or check. Please note, checks will be held for 10 business days before product delivery.

Question: Why buy gold bars?

Answer: There’s a few reasons why you SHOULD purchase gold bars:

  • The global supply is relatively finite, Gold’s purchasing power has historically remained stable during inflationary times.
  • An ounce of Gold (and Silver, for that matter) has the same value anywhere in the world. Thus making trading Precious Metals simple and easy.
  • Additionally, gold and other precious metals, are not tied to stocks and bonds. Which means, adding it to your portfolio, will only help balance out any fluctuations your stocks and bonds may have. Diversifying your portfolio is key. Whether you are saving for retirement or preserving wealth.


Question: Does it matter which type of gold bar I buy?

Answer: No. Purchasing a certain type of gold bar is strictly contingent upon personal preference.


Question: Where do I buy gold bars?

Answer: Is that even a real question? Vermillion Enterprises is the place to BUY GOLD BARS! You can either order from our online shop or come in to the shop. Friendly, reliable, quality customer service.

If you have already bought gold bars previously and are looking to sell yours – Look NO further! Vermillion Enterprises is here to buy your gold bars!


Sell Gold Bars:

Vermillion Enterprises wants to help you sell your gold bars. We look forward to assisting you and making this an easy transaction. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when selling gold bars.

State & Federal Regulations:

** This applies to U.S. and Foreign Gold Bars **

  • Selling Over $10,000 and receiving cash/cash equivalents = Form 8300 MUST be filled out and reported
    • Payment via check or wire transfer does NOT require Form 8300

Question: Why sell gold bars?

Answer: There’s a few reasons why you SHOULD sell your gold bars:

  • You’re looking to redistribute your investments.
  • You want to make a big purchase with cash.
    • i.e. buy a new car, pay college tuition, or put a down payment on a house.
  • Trade into other precious metals or turn your current gold bars into coins. Transferring from a bullion to a collector piece.

Vermillion Enterprises is here to help you buy or sell gold bars. We have a stake in your gold interest!

So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding location. Stop in at Vermillion Enterprises for some amazing gold prices today. Whether you buy or sell, Vermillion Enterprises will treat you well!

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