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Gold Earrings

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If you are looking to sell gold earrings, Vermillion Enterprises is the place to be! Like gold bracelets, rings, necklaces and chains, gold earrings are a sought-after item here at Vermillion Enterprises.

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We are the area’s premier gold and silver BUYER and SELLER! Baaam!

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Sell Gold Earrings Here! Today!

“A. U. Buy or Sell Gold? Be bold. Stop by Vermillion Enterprises today.”

(In case you missed that. That’s a coin joke. AU = Almost Uncirculated. Which is a pretty high quality coin rating.) Now that you got that, you can laugh. Insert laugh here.

But enough of the jokes. I dodged a tomato on that one. We are here to talk about you. You coming into Vermillion’s. To buy or sell gold earrings!

When doing so, just keep this in mind:

Vermillion Enterprises: Where you will not look like a million bucks. Or even be treated like a million bucks. But like a Vermillion (Enterprise) bucks! Which is just way more awesome. You know it!

Okay! Okay! We’re getting back to the gold earrings already! Have Gold Earrings? We pay top dollar. Sell your gold earrings today, at Vermillion Enterprises!

If gold bracelets, rings, necklaces, and chains, were not an expression enough of individuality and creativity – gold earrings sure are! Earrings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, words (Yes! Words!), metals, colors, etc.

Small Gold Hoop Sizes

Small Gold Hoop Sizes

Large Hoop Sizes

Large Gold Hoop Sizes

Tiffany's Rock Roll Gold earrings

Tiffany’s Rock Roll Gold earrings


Wearing earrings started out as a predominately male jewelry choice! Ripley’s! Women have since evolved wearing earrings into a whole new fashion statement. Earrings; however, once held a vastly different meaning, than just “fashion.” Take a look at the earring’s historical overview.

The Earring’s Historical Overview:

Early Broze age earrings

Early Bronze Age II Gold Earrings. c.2500-2000 B.C. Western Asiatic.

3,000 B.C.:

Depending on sources, earrings are said to be first discovered in the middle East and Asia as early as 3,000 B.C. Earrings were intended to represent the wearer’s religious, political, and tribal identity. In ancient Egypt, wearing earrings signified wealth and high class. However, in contrast, in Rome, earrings were not only worn by the wealthy with pearls and gemstones, but by slaves as well. Well, minus the pearls and gemstones. Eventually, by the middle ages, that would change.

Middle Ages:

By the middle ages, European men wore earrings as a popular choice instead of a wealth status. Then suddenly, it became dated and out of fashion. In the 13th Century, the Catholic Church banned the piercing of ears. Proclaiming accordance with the dogma that people cannot alter their bodies created in the image of God. At which point, the popularity of earrings was highest among thieves, pirates, and the lower class until just after the Renaissance.


William Shakespeare wearing a gold hoop earring

William Shakespeare in The Gold Earring

After the Renaissance, people deterred from the rules of the Church. Pierced ears were once again a popular choice among men. However, they represented a variety of meanings. Listed below are examples of some meanings:

  • Single mothers whose husbands died: If they had boys, they would have pierced ears.
  • If there was only one boy in the family, only his right ear would be pierced.
  • A man whose ears were pierced on both sides, was said to be the last of his family line. Therefore, eliminating him from participating in times of war. There was a fear that his family name could disappear altogether if he participated.

19th Century and Beyond:

Over time, earrings evolved more towards a woman’s fashion statement, rather than a man’s. It would take 6 centuries for a non-pierced earring to be made. In 1894 the screw back design was finally made for those who did not have pierced ears. Then, the clip back was patented in 1934, and became a popular choice in the 1940’s.

However, trends today show that both men and women, wear earrings in numerous fashion styles and statements. Some even with gauged ear piercings. Gold earrings created not only for the wearing, but the showing! Showing off, that is.

Gold Earring Fashion Trends Now:

With the many earring fashion trends out there, gold earrings remain as popular today, as they ever were! From hoops, to studs, to gold settings with gemstones, pierced, to clasped, etc. Small, medium, large, x-large. One earring, two earrings, three earrings, four earrings, more earrings!

Golden Lobe Awards: Top Sell Gold Earrings

The most expensive gold earrings ever sold, sold at auction in 2016 for a staggering $17.5 Million!

World's largest gold earrings

India’s GRT Jewellers handcrafted these 1 Kilo 22K Gold earrings attributing the City of Gold.

Yet, India’s GRT Jewellers in Dubai, handcrafted 22K Gold earrings, weighing 1 Kilo, to pay tribute to “The City of Gold.” Dubai is considered to be the epicenter of the modern day gold rush. These earrings, surprisingly enough, are priced at 200,000 Dirham. That’s roughly $54,450 in U.S. dollars. Do not expect us here at Vermillion Enterprises to sell a pair of those gold earrings anytime soon. At least not today. However, if you have a pair of gold earrings like that to sell us, bring them in!

Hottest Trend: Gold Rushing

Though, we are currently working on being the next U.S. Gold Rush! So rush on into Vermillion Enterprises with your gold! Sell your gold earrings today! Or buy some new ones! We are setting a trend of our own here. Great customer satisfaction guarantee. Best prices in town. Convenient location. We are as good as gold! The rush is on! Gold rush yourself on in to Vermillion Enterprises! The place where you can buy or sell gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold rings, gold coins, gold bullion, gold everything!


So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding location. Stop in at Vermillion Enterprises for some amazing gold prices today. Whether you buy or sell, Vermillion Enterprises will treat you well!

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