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Silver Bullion

Buy and Sell Silver Bullion here!

At Vermillion Enterprises, we buy and sell silver bullion. Bars? Generic Rounds? Coins? – we have it all and still want more! So if you’re looking to sell your Silver Bullion, you’ve come to the right place! We will buy it! If you’re looking to buy silver yourself – look no further!

Check out our SHOP page as well! Place your order immediately via Text to Chat or by calling: 352-585-9772. We offer fair market pricing with quality customer service.

Silver Bullion


We have a healthy stock of Silver Bars. From generic 1 oz. to 100 oz. and everything in between. Designs will be random. Silver Bars can get pretty fancy too! Like this Sugar Skull 2 oz. 3-D Silver Bar.

Sell 1 oz. Silver Bullion Bar

1 oz. Silver Bar

1 oz. Generic Silver Bars







We ALWAYS have American Silver Eagles in stock. Plenty of them too! Not to mention, we often receive generic silver rounds, Silver Maple Leafs, Silver Britannia, Silver Philharmonics, and more.

Face Value Coin Bag of 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Face Value Coin Bag of 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

40% Silver Coins



90% Silver Coins

buy sell american silver eagles vermillion enterprises


99.9% Silver CoinsAmerican Silver Eagles


buy and sell 99.9% Silver coins


99.9% Silver CoinsWorld Silver Coins


IRA Eligible Silver:


From Silver Bars, Rounds to Coins. Including American Silver Eagles.

You can check out our Silver Coins here!


Vermillion Enterprises buy(s) Silver – Bullion, Generic Rounds, Coins, Fine Silver, 90% Silver, 40 % Silver!

We buy and sell Silver Coins by the Bag!

We buy and sell Silver Coins by the Bag!

Highlights of 40% Silver Coins and 90% Silver Coins.

  • Kennedy Half Dollars – Circulated – 40% Silver $1 Face Value
  • Roosevelt Dimes 1947 -1964 – Circulated – 90% Silver $1 Face Value
  • Mercury Dimes 1916 -1946 – Circulated – 90% Silver $1 Face Value
  • Washington Quarters 1932 -1964 – Circulated – 90% Silver $1 Face Value
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916 – 1947 – Circulated – 90% Silver $1 Face Value
  • Franklin Half Dollars 1948 – 1963 – Circulated – 90% Silver $1 Face Value
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars – Circulated – 90% Silver $1 Face Value

Remember, no collection is TOO large NOR TOO small! We will buy it all! Sell your silver bullion here today!

So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding location. Stop in Vermillion Enterprises for some great deals on gold and silver bullion. We have bars, generic rounds, and coins for sale!


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