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Determining the Value of Scrap Gold Jewelry

How To Determine the Value of Gold Scrap Jewelry

We are constantly being asked how do we determine the value of scrap gold jewelry when we are purchasing it. Well it is quite simple. The first thing we do is determine what carat the scrap gold jewelry is. This is important because different carat jewelry contains different amounts of gold.

For Example:

8K = 33% Gold

9K = 37.5% Gold

10K = 41.7% Gold

14K = 58.3% Gold

18K = 75% Gold

22K = 91.6% Gold

24K = 99.9% Gold


If you are not sure what percentage of gold your jewelry contains you can always divide the carat into 24 (for pure gold). So for example if you have a 10K class ring take 10/24 = .417 or 41.7% or if you have an 22K gold bangle bracelet take 22/24 = .916 or 91.6%.


Once we have the scrap gold jewelry separated by carat we then weigh the jewelry by carat on our Florida State Certified Class 2 Scales. Once we have the weight we apply the current gold price to the amount of actual gold the customer has and that determines the amount we pay for the gold jewelry.


Lets assume the price of gold is $1200 an ounce and a customer has:

9 dwt (pennyweight; 20dwt to an ounce) of 10K   = $1200 x .417 / 20 x 9 = $225.18

12 dwt of 14K = $1200 x .583 / 20 x  12 = $419.76

5.4 dwt of 18K = $1200 x .75 / 20 x 5.4 = $243.00

For a total of $887.94

We have to divide by 20 because there are 20dwt to an ounce.

If you would like to check the price of gold online before visiting our shop we recommend using KITCO

So as you can see it is pretty simple, if you have Scrap Gold Jewelry that you no longer wear, want, or is broken, you are always welcome to bring it in. People in Spring Hill, Hudson, Weeki Wachee, Brooksville, even New Port Richey are always asking where can I sell my scrap gold jewelry the answer is Vermillion Enterprises. We will be posting a video shortly on how to test for gold carat content on pieces we can not identify.

Scrap Gold Jewelry

Pile of Scrap Gold Jewelry before being sent of to refinery for melting.

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