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Rockford Pocket Watches

Vermillion Enterprises is interested in your pocket watches! Like the 1876 Rockford Pocket Watch & Fancy Dial Pocket Watches. We buy Rockford Pocket Watches.

We Buy Rockford Pocket Watches

Ca$h For Your Wrist & Pocket Watches!

We will turn those heirlooms into cash for you. We will buy all gold, silver, or platinum watches regardless of the brand. There are hundreds of different designs and manufacturers of watches. Each manufacturer most often has several different models of watches.

We will be able to identify your watch if you are unable.

Also we will be able to price your watch for you on the spot. Not every watch is going to have the value of a Rolex or Patek Philippe. But you never know what value an old watch might have.

I can not count the times a customer has been surprised at the value of an old watch. They thought was just junk!!!

Find Info About Your Pocket Watch Here!


About Rockford Watch Co. Ltd

Located 93 miles west from Chicago on the Rock River, the Rockford Watch Company began operations in 1873. Beginning with purchasing equipment from the Cornell Watch Company. As well as, hiring two key employees from Cornell. P.H. Wheeler & C.W. Parker. The Rockford factory building was built in 1875-76.

Which led to their first watch, a key-wind, 18-size, full plate with expansion balance. It hit the local markets on May 1st, 1876. Hint. Hint. The one pictured above. Relatively low productions were made for these watches. But that was to ensure quality. Quality over quantity they say.

While this particular pocket watch is not Railroad Grade. Rockford is highly known for their Railroad Quality watches. And rightfully so. THREE Railroads ran through Rockford, Illinois in 1876. Providing a market too great to refuse. Unfortunately, financial difficulties struck this emerging company.

In 1915, after nearly 42 years in business, the company closed their doors. Even still, due to the quality of their watches, Rockford Pocket Watches are quite collectible and Vermillion Enterprises is always interested in purchasing them.


Rockford Watch Company

We Buy Rockford Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches we are interested in include but are not limited to:

United States Watch Co.

American Watch Co.





Gold Pocket Watches

Silver Pocket Watches

Platinum Pocket Watches – Like Patek Philippe.

Learn More

Check out these videos on some High End Pocket Watches & more about Rockford Watch Company Pocket Watches.





We Buy Rockford Pocket Watches

Serving Areas Throughout Florida. Even Out of State!


So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding location. Stop in Vermillion Enterprises for a price on your Rockford pocket watches today.

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