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How to Find Info About Your Pocket Watch

Do you need help Google-ing how to find info on your pocket watch? Let Vermillion Enterprises help you.

How to Find Info About Your Pocket Watch

Here are a few tips to Google information about your pocket watch:

  1. Always input the serial number from the pocket watch movement (the “mechanism” of the watch).
  2. Never use the serial number from the case or any other part.
  3. Always select the correct manufacturer. Typically found stamped on the watch movement or dial.
  4. If you cannot find it, you may have a “private label” watch or it may not be American-made.
  5. If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature.
  6. Many pocket watch case backs screw off. Others may require a dull wide blade to pry or pop the cover. Be careful not to scratch or damage the movement.
  7. Understand that many companies did not keep accurate or complete records.
  8. As always, if you still can’t find info – bring it into Vermillion Enterprises. We will be glad to look at it for you and help you determine it’s value.

Wrist and Pocket Watches

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Vermillion Enterprises is Spring Hill and the Nature Coasts leading buyer of vintage time pieces. Including both Wrist and Pocket Watches. We are interested in buying ALL Wrist and Pocket Watches. Whether it is a pocket watch your Grandfather left behind. A Diamond cocktail wrist watch your mother left you. Or maybe a watch that you used to wear and have moved on from.

Ca$h For Your Wrist & Pocket Watches!

We will turn those heirlooms into cash for you. We will buy all gold, silver, or platinum watches regardless of the brand. There are hundreds of different designs and manufacturers of watches. Each manufacturer most often has different models of watches. We will be able to identify your watch if you are unable. Also we will be able to price your watch for you on the spot. Not every watch is going to have the value of a Rolex or Patek Philippe. But you never know what value an old watch might have. I can not count the times a customer has been surprised at the value of an old watch. They thought was just junk!!!

Higher quality (and therefore more valuable) pocket watches tend to have much higher attention to detail, so take a look at the adjustments, gears and jewels inside your watch. These make up the calibrations inside your pocket watch, with a higher amount indicating a higher quality timepiece/pocket watch.


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