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The Big Reveal – Part II: PSA Reveal #2 Highlights!


We buy graded PSA / BGS cards!!!

Had to add that part – you know to remind you that we not only buy raw cards, we buy graded PSA and BGS cards as well!


PSA Reveal #2: Highlights!

Thanks for stopping by and following the latest videos and blogs brought to you by Vermillion Enterprises. Today, we are getting down and dirty in the highlights of our latest video – The Big Reveal – Part II: PSA Reveal #2 Highlights! Buy or sell your raw sports cards to Vermillion Enterprises! You never know, we may send one or two off to be graded and a reveal to showcase it here and on YouTube! I think that sounds mighty good to me. In addition to having cards graded, we also buy PSA (pre)graded cards! As well as BGS. Call or stop by today! Now let’s talk vintage vs. modern.

Graded Cards: Vintage vs. Modern

When buying modern cards and sending them off to PSA to be graded, we look for them to come back with a 9 or better. Why?

Modern cards tend to be overproduced. With a lot of different inserts or variations to them. Which can be both a good thing and a not so good thing. When looking for a card to come back with a PSA 9 or better, it is because the card is rarer than most produced. As well as the future outlook for the card. Most modern cards have values that will significantly decrease in the next few years. Again, due to overproduction. So, taking a rare modern card to be graded is an investment. In some cases, not all, having a card graded can increase its value. But you say pre-1980 cards aren’t that fancy. They don’t have the same variations or cool shots. They aren’t refractors and very few have autographs! Not to mention, they are scruffy! I hear you!

Why are Vintage, Pre-1980, cards so valuable?

First and foremost, their scarcity. Penny sleeves, binders, pocket pages, cases, etc. were not around back then. Many cards faced the dooms of rubber bands or thrown in the trenches of shoe boxes. Traded with grubby fingers among friends. Not because they were not loved or cared for, but because they weren’t considered “collectibles.” Some even hidden in time capsules deep within the earth. To be unlocked 20 years later.

Of the ones that have survived, many of those are now household names among sports enthusiasts. Creating a legacy AND collectible. So, having a vintage card graded is one of the best things you can do for that card. Not only to increase its value or draw attention to it, but to preserve it in its personal time capsule.

Secondly, when Beckett released their first monthly publication in November 1984, they unleashed a hobby no one saw coming. Albeit a book was published 5 years earlier, but it wouldn’t be until the 80’s that cards finally had real monetary value to them. No longer just bubble-gum packs or cracker jacks. But tangible money. Value. Something to invest in and profit from. Sales on sports cards surged.

But why get it graded if its just going to come back a 5 or 6? It depends. Mostly on the player. Then the card itself. For instance, in this reveal, we had a lot of O-Pee-Chee cards.


graded PSA cards

Lot of FOUR O-Pee-Chee Steve Yzerman graded PSA cards

O-Pee-Chee trading cards debuted as part of a candy pack in the 1930’s. A Canadian company. In 1965, they produced a licensed version of the American Topps set of that year. However, they didn’t release the full series and only issued a limited number set. From there, under the licensing agreement, O-Pee-Chee and Topps produced similar cards. Some O-Pee-Chee cards had a little more information on them, but for the most part, they were identical.

The major difference being on the back with O-Pee-Chee sets stating, “Printed in Canada” and having a darker red on the back versus the pink on the Topps cards. (See below in the Rookie Card section). Occasionally, some of these cards would even have French and English on the backs of them. Pretty nifty!

So, what makes these more valuable than the Topps version? I mean, Topps was the leading manufacturer and O-Pee-Chee was just licensed to reproduce, right?

Well, it comes down to the age old, supply and demand! Trading cards were mass produced in the U.S to reach a larger marketing base. Topps was the leader in the U.S. market and O-Pee-Chee was released in Canada. Much smaller production base led to limited quantities. Making them scarce and therefore, rare. Additionally, O-Pee-Chee also released more rookie cards than Topps. Especially with the 1984 Cam Neely #327 card. Which by the way, is available at Vermillion Enterprises!

O-Pee-Chee is now owned by Upper Deck.

Graded PSA Cards: The Rookie Card

Another rookie card worth mentioning, as shown in The Reveal, is the 1984 Topps Steve Yzerman #49 Rookie Card versus the 1984 O-Pee-Chee Steve Yzerman #49 Rookie Card. High bid on the Topps version, with our rating of 8, according to PSA, is: $65.00. Average being $39.24. We do tend to look for 8’s or better on the O-Pee-Chee cards. However, the O-Pee-Chee versions with our rating of a 7, have an average price of: $53.97. With a high bid price at: $74.99.

As you can see, the O-Pee-Chee cards do go for a little bit more.  Wait. Were you expecting me to say there’s a huge difference in pricing between the two? Well, IF you must know. Had our O-Pee-Chee’s been in the 8 rating like the Topps version, high bid was $149.99 and the average is: $102.99. So, yes, definitely a bit of a price difference between the two cards.

1984 O-Pee-Chee Steve Yzerman

1984 O-Pee-Chee Steve Yzerman

1984 Topps Steve Yzerman

1984 Topps Steve Yzerman

Friendly Reminder: We buy graded PSA / BGS cards!!!

Bring yours in today!


What about the guys in between? The 1980’s -1990’s?

Honestly, that is an iffy era all together. It’s working on its own vintage status. One day it will get there. Just not today.

However, it does not mean the cards are worthless. Just right now, they aren’t as popular. Sure there are a few key players in there that change that. In case you have some, having them graded can change the game! Much likes these guys did! They are up and coming of vintage, so it is best to preserve them now while you can! Or we’ll start seeing them at vintage ratings in 20-30 years! Much like we did with this 1986 Topps Jerry Rice!

1980’s -1990’s Football

  • Walter Payton
  • Brett Farve
  • Reggie White
  • Art Monk
  • Randy White
  • Mike Singletary
  • Roger Craig
  • Deion Sanders
  • Emmitt Smith
  • Dan Marino – Laces out Dan!
  • Marcus Allen
  • John Hannah
  • Steve Largent
  • Joe Montana
  • Lawrence Taylor
  • James Lofton
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Jerry Rice
  • Eric Dickerson
  • Anthony Munoz
  • Barry Sanders
  • John Elway
  • Howie Long
  • Ronnie Lott


1980’s -1990’s Baseball

  • Cal Ripkin Jr.
  • Roger Clemens
  • Bernie Williams
  • Kenny Lofton
  • Cecil Fielder
  • Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Greg Maddux
  • Sammy Sosa
  • Mike Piazza
  • Barry Bonds
  • Tony Gwynn
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Derek Jeter
  • Eddie Murray
  • Wade Boggs
  • Rickey Henderson


1980’s -1990’s Basketball

  • Earvin “Magic” Johnson
  • Michael Jordan
  • Julius Erving
  • Scottie Pippin
  • Larry Bird
  • Moses Malone
  • Patrick Ewing
  • George Gervin
  • Isiah Thomas
  • David Robinson
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Dominique Wilkins
  • Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Ralph Sampson
  • Bernard King
  • Reggie Miller
  • Adrian Dantley
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Karl Malone
  • Charles Barkley
  • Alex English
  • Kevin McHale
  • Shaquille O’Neal


1980’s -1990’s Hockey

  • Guy Lafleur
  • Ken Dryden
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Bobby Clarke
  • Cam Neely
  • Mark Messier
  • Steve Yzerman
  • Mario Lemieux

Friendly Reminder: We buy graded PSA / BGS cards!!!

I think you get it!

Graded PSA Cards: The Oddballs & Goofballs

Okay, so let’s talk about some other oddballs and goofballs that can be worth some value in either buying or selling cards.

  1. Printing Plates
  2. Test Proofs
  3. Atomic Refractors
  4. The Goat

Printing Plates

Printing Plates are completely and utterly unique. All on their own. A slice of the card pie. What’s your flavor? Black-Berry. Magenta-Berry. Cyan-Berry. Yellow-Berry. Mostly what these come down to are uniqueness, the player, the condition of the printing plate, whether it has special features (AKA – Autographed!), and sometimes the color.

2013 Panini Flawless Julius Erving Yellow Printing Plate

2013 Panini Flawless Julius Erving Yellow Printing Plate

2013 Panini Flawless Julius Erving Yellow Printing Plate

2013 Panini Flawless Julius Erving Yellow Printing Plate (Back)











Test Proofs

There is often a premium on proof cards. Proofs are pre-production test cards the printers use to check graphics and text before the final print run. These cards are best to be authenticated and verified by PSA or BGS. Why? Because there are scraps or misprints that can accidently make it to the production line or be salvaged by an employee and sold off separately. Not all, but sometimes. You just never know.

2016 Panini Donruss Billy Burns Test Proof - Magenta

2016 Panini Donruss Billy Burns Test Proof – Magenta 2/10

2016 Panini Donruss Billy Burns Test Proof - Magenta 2/10

2016 Panini Donruss Billy Burns Test Proof – Magenta 2/10 (BACK)











Atomic Refractors

The first Refractor was released in 1993 and the Atomic Refractor released in 1996. Bowman’s Best made a completely unique set issue when they made the Atomic Refractor. It is a much more rare card than a typical refractor or even parallel card. These cards come in with lower serial numbers. For instance, if a Silver Refractor has 400, the Atomic Refractor will have 100. Or even less. There are many types of refractor cards out there, the only one more rare than the Atomic Refractor is the SuperFractor. They are typically run as 1 /1. Check out our 1997 Bowman’s Best Ken Griffey Jr. Atomic Refractor!

1997 Bowman's Best Ken Griffey Jr. Atomic Refractor

1997 Bowman’s Best Ken Griffey Jr. Atomic Refractor

The Goat

Okay. So the Greatest-Of-All-Time, the Goat, isn’t quite an oddball, that I know of anyway. But you never know, he could still be a goofball! In this day and age, anything Tom Brady that has a grading will do better than any in the moment superstar. Sorry guys! Not downplaying other players, just suggesting that in the eyes of sports, Tom Brady can do no wrong!

buy graded PSA cards

2000 Skybox Dominion Tom Brady Rookie Card with Giovanni Carmazzi – Gem Mint 10


Well, we hope you enjoyed our Big Reveal: Part 2. As always, if you have any questions or want to know more about your cards, please call or stop by today! Vermillion Enterprises providing great customer service and satisfaction, will fair market rates. Remember, buy or sell your raw sports cards to Vermillion Enterprises! You never know, we may send one or two off to be graded and a reveal show to showcase it here and on YouTube! I think that sounds mighty good to me. We also buy PSA (pre)graded cards! As well as BGS. Call or stop by today!

So if you live in or near Spring Hill, Lutz, New Port Richey, Hudson, Crystal River, Inverness, Brooksville or surrounding Florida locations. Stop in Vermillion Enterprises for a price on your PSA or Beckett Graded Cards. WE BUY GRADED PSA & BECKETT CARDS! As well as raw cards! Call or stop by today!

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