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The Big Reveal! PSA Graded Cards ARE IN!!

The BIG Reveal!!!

Our PSA Graded cards are in! We were patiently awaiting these guys to come in and now that they’re here, we can’t wait to share them with you! In addition to having cards graded ourselves, we also BUY PSA (& Beckett) Graded cards!

First let’s take a look at the PSA Trading Card Grading process:

We buy PSA Graded Cards Here!

PSA Grading Process

Additionally, PSA encapsulates every card in a tamper-evident, “sonically sealed” case. These attractive, hard plastic cases provide protection from pressure and most damage.

Once encased, you can rest assured that your cards will remain secure from further wear. Note that the case will not protect your cards from extraordinary events like fires and floods.

Plus, the PSA Financial Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity applies to all PSA encapsulated cards! We think that’s a double score!

Vermillion Enterprises Buy(s) PSA Graded Cards!!

Some top cards still trading today in the Sports arena include Topps, Bowman, Donruss, Panini, Fleer, and Upper Deck. Okay, really, there’s a lot! Have Sports cards you want to sell? Or maybe know what they’re worth? Check out our Sports Card & Memorabilia page here.  Then call or stop by today!

Now let’s take a look at what’s inside our boxes! As we reveal the cards, we will reveal some grading explanations and a couple tips here and there. So be sure to pay close attention! Especially if you collect cards. Or thinking about having yours graded before selling, or just because?

Our first box up!  We have 3 Cards!

Number 1:

Kyle Misner Gold Vinyl AUtograph

2019 Panini Elite – Kameron Misner Golden College Ticket – Gold Vinyl Autograph. Only 1 of 1

2019 Panini Elite – Kameron Misner Golden College Ticket – Gold Vinyl Autograph. Only 1 of 1 available! Which means there is NOT another one like it! And guess what? Vermillion Enterprises has it! For sale! We chose to have it PSA graded for that reason. In addition to the quality of the card.

If you are a Kameron Misner fan, University of Missouri fan or a Miami Marlins fan– this is the card for you! Come on in today! Check this truly rare card out! **Please note: There is a Kameron Misner Autograph Golden College Ticket out there. It is NOT gold vinyl – nor is it an only edition. It is NOT numbered. If you ever have questions on your cards, Vermillion Enterprises is the place to come. We will evaluate them for you and answer any questions you may have.

Number 2:

Michael Chavis - Red Refractor

2019 Topps Chrome – Michael Chavis – Update Red Refractor – 1 of 5

2019 Topps Chrome – Michael Chavis  – Update Red Refractor – 1 of 5. We sent this card in for PSA grading because it is a 1 of 5. Which means, there are only 4 more out there. Which more than likely are not graded. But if they are, hard chance they came in at the PSA Mint 9 that we have on this card!

There is a growing popularity for Refractor cards. Popular Refractor cards include: Topp’s Bowman’s Best, Chrome, Finest, and Panini Prizm, to name a few. These cards are typically offered in low numbers. For example, you will see some 1 of 1’s or 1 of 5. Much like with this Michael Chavis Update Red Refractor. It is a 1 of 5. Like all cards, there are many versions.  For instance, this Michael Chavis card is also offered in a Silver Refractor, a Purple Refractor, and a Pink Refractor. The Silver Refractor is limited to 250. Whereas the Purple Refractor is limited to 175. But the Pink Refractor is unlimited. Which means, it is NOT nearly as limited.

Number 3:

We buy PSA graded cards

John Unitas – Rookie Card

John Unitas – Rookie Card. We try to limit the cards we send for PSA grading to those that we are certain they will get a Grade 9 on. However, there are some instances where the player or the card, can be worth having graded – regardless of a high PSA score.

Like this John Unitas card. He is one of the greatest NFL players of all times. Which is amazing considering he was a 9th round pick AND his Steelers coach didn’t have much faith in his skills as a Quarterback. But luckily the Colts did!

Why This Card?

When we were presented with this Rookie card, we knew we had to get it graded! Even with the slight discoloration in the corner of the card. It rated a VG -EX 4. While not ideal for any card to be graded so low, this rookie card is an exception to the rules. Based on the player and the fact that it IS graded can add more value to the card. Which means, sometimes, a grading is better than NO grading at all. However, you should remember: You should only get your cards graded IF it will increase the value or make the sale of the card easier. However, you should not get it graded just because you think it will improve the value. Do the research. Know what your card is worth with and without grading.

Vermillion Enterprises not only has cards graded. We BUY PSA (& Beckett) Graded Cards!!

Our second box up!

Moving on to our second box! If you already watched the video, then it should be no surprise on what we have in store! But in case you were waiting to read this first, Vermillion Enterprises doesn’t just buy Sports Cards, we buy trading cards! Which is not limited to just sports cards. It includes cards like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Star Wars, Gum Pack Cards, and more.

So what’s this all have to do with our second box? Let’s find out!

In our 2nd box we have:

Number 1:


2019 Panini Elite Randy DeJesus Autograph Magenta Printing Plate. 1 of 1

2019 Panini Elite Randy DeJesus Autograph Magenta Printing Plate. It is a 1 of 1 card! Printing plates are thin metal sheets the size of a traditional sports card. However, they are sensitive to light. Meaning an image is burned onto the plate using a high intensity light. When this is exposed to light, an image is transferred to card stock using ink and will only reflect the image from the plate. These printing plates only come in four colors. Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. However, to make one card, you technically need all four printing plates. In which case, you might ask what is the potential value in having one?

Depends. Some key factors include, but are not limited to: the player, the condition of the printing plate, whether it has special features (AKA – Autographed!), and sometimes the color. However, having it graded could potentially increase it’s value as well.

Number 2:

buy pinting plates - autograph

2019 Panini Elite – Kyle McCann – Autograph Emerald Series – Extreme Die Cut 25 of 25

2019 Panini Elite – Kyle McCann – Autograph Emerald Series – Extreme Die Cut 25 of 25. The Die-Cut cards are not only cool to look at, but also are rare. Typically, you will find these cards as inserts in your pack. The die-cut process is a trading card that has had a part of the card stock removed to create a specific shape or design. I.e. Home Plate or the Pitcher’s Mound, as examples. Not only the limited-edition printing, but the design, can make these cards more valuable. It does not mean every die-cut card is going to be unbelievably valuable; however, it does help increase the chances of adding value to it.



Number 3:

buy PSA graded Pokemon cards

2018 Pokemon Sun & Moon Lost Thunder Full Art.

2018 Pokemon Sun & Moon Lost Thunder Full Art. This particular set has over 214 cards in it. This particular card is a Trainer Card. In Full Art. According to Pokemon Assets, it is also an Uncommon Card. Which makes it something worth collecting. While it may not be a “Rare”, “Rare-Holo”, “Rare Ultra”, etc. It is something more than common and it is in pretty darn good condition at a Near Mint – Mint 8.





Number 4:

PSA Graded pokemon cards

2019 Pokemon Gengar & Mimikyu GX Team Up – Tag Team Card

2019 Pokemon Gengar & Mimikyu GX Team Up – Tag Team Card. Gengar is a 4’11” 89lb. Shadow Creature of lore who is known to visit children who are naughty! Gengar ranks in at #94. Mimikyu debuted in this series at #778. When attacked, he will change appearances! Often disguising himself as Pikachu! Pikachu being a friendly and electrifying chubby Pokemon! This Tag Team card ranks in as card #53 – It is a Rare-Holo GX card! A card worth collecting AND having graded. Most definitely! It graded in at a PSA Mint 9!



Number 5:

Pokemon Jolten GX Special Promo Card

2019 Pokemon SM (Sun & Moon) Black Star Jolteon GX Promo Card #SM173

2019 Pokemon SM (Sun & Moon) Black Star Jolteon GX Promo Card #SM173. I think the name itself describes how electrifying this card is! These Promo cards are NOT available in stores like expansion sets and booster packs. They are given away as special gifts – either in packs or events. Adding one to your collection is a MUST HAVE. This card is a Jolteon Special Collection card found in the Elemental Powers Tin. Few, if many, were included in these tins. A rare card indeed!




Number 6:

Buy PSA Graded cards

2019 Topps Stranger Things Welcome/Upside Down – Mrs. Sinclair Autograph.

2019 Topps Stranger Things Welcome/Upside Down – Mrs. Sinclair Autograph.  PSA rated this card a Gem Mint 10. It is in PERFECT condition. From pack to protective gear in 2.3 seconds. While it isn’t a “rare numbered card,” sometimes having an autographed card that is in perfect condition, graded can add extra value to the card. However, it is always recommended that you speak with a professional before grading any card on your own. Grading does NOT mean that your card will be worth more verbatim.




Number 7:

2019 Topps - Stranger Things PSA graded card

2019 Topps Stranger Things – Wheeler House –“Welcome to Hawkins” Red Edition.

2019 Topps Stranger Things – Wheeler House –“Welcome to Hawkins” Red Edition. In this series, there are 15 different Welcome to Hawkins cards available. This is the 1st card in the series. There are five editions as well. Orange = 99. Red = 50. Purple = 25. Green = 10. Blue = 1. This card is 6 of 50 in the Red Edition. Making its ranking higher. Lower limited numbers tend to do better than higher limited numbers; however, a higher limited number is not less valuable.

Number 8:

2019 Topps Stranger Things Series

2019 Topps Stranger Things – Fresh Blood Orange Parallel Card #12.

2019 Topps Stranger Things – Fresh Blood Orange Parallel Card #12. This card is in the Orange Edition. As previously discussed, it means there are 99 total cards made for this Edition. This card is #64 of 99 in the series. While it IS higher in its limited number, it was graded by PSA to be a Gem Mint 10. The highest rating a card can get. So even though its Edition ranking isn’t high, it is still a rare card that is graded AND in Gem Mint condition. Which is a factor that can play in how much it sells for.

Number 9:

Buy PSA graded trading cards

2019 Topps Stranger Things Sam Owens Purple Edition Patch Card.

2019 Topps Stranger Things Sam Owens Purple Edition Patch Card. This card is from the same set. Purple Edition cards are limited to 25. This card is ALSO a patch card. Which includes a piece of the costume Paul Riser (Sam Owens) wore in the movie. Patch and Relic cards are rare on their own. However, it should be noted that in their printing, there can be some damage done to the card. I.e. indentation at the edges of where the patch is, creasing in the patch from the card being pressed, etc. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to see it! Which can decrease its grading.


Number 10:

Stranger Things Series

2019 Topps Stranger Things Mike Wheeler – Commemorative Button Pin #46 of 99.

2019 Topps Stranger Things Mike Wheeler – Commemorative Button Pin #46 of 99. As just discussed, this card received a Near Mint 7. Which is not ideal at all. However, it is a pin card and while it may appear perfect, any slight detail off on the pin can affect its grading. Even if it only went from pack to sleeve.

Number 11:

Vermillion Enterprises buy(s) PSA Graded cards

2019 Topps Stranger Things -No Escape Blue Edition #13

2019 Topps Stranger Things -No Escape Blue Edition #13. This is a special 1 of 1 card from the Stranger Things card series. Typically, a special 1 of 1 card can increase in value. Especially if the right collector is looking for the right card. Which you never know, we may be looking for YOUR PSA/Beckett graded card.

In addition to PSA Graded cards, we purchase Beckett graded cards as well. We do prefer to have our cards graded through PSA, but it is just a preference. There isn’t a difference other than that. Whether you have Beckett, PSA, or un-graded cards – bring them to Vermillion Enterprises for a valuation. We buy sports and trading cards!

Factors to consider before grading:

CONDITION: Condition is the most important factor. Even over-produced cards in top grade will usually garner an increase in value if they are graded in top condition. There is usually a threshold at which the card is worth (a value that does not change or improve when graded). Stop by today and let us evaluate your cards. Get a free appraisal on your collection.

AVAILABILITY: It’s the simple concept of supply and demand. Even over-produced cards, when in high demand, become more limited in availability and see an increase in value.

DESIRABILITY: Mickey Mantle and John Unitas will always be more desirable to the public than Joe Schmo and John Doe.

LIQUIDITY: Liquidity is the value that the item will sell for when put to general auction, not when waiting for one specific or potential buyer via a Buy-it-Now. That may take months to happen, if at all. Scarce items that aren’t in high demand may not be liquid at higher prices.

How much does condition matter?

These two 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps cards are both graded by PSA. One is a PSA 2 (considered a low grade), while the other is a PSA 8.5 (an extremely high grade for this card – and unusual). With slight differences in appearances, high distinctions in prices can happen.

For example: The PSA Good 2 Card could sell for $10,000. Whereas the PSA Near Mint – Mint Plus 8.5 Card could sell for $500,000 or even more.

we buy graded PSA cards

Two 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards. Two different grades. Two different values.


So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding location. Stop in Vermillion Enterprises for a price on your PSA or Beckett Graded Cards. WE BUY PSA & BECKETT GRADED CARDS!

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