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Precious Metals Elections – Gold vs. Silver

Spoiler Alert: BUY GOLD NOW! Strike it while its lower than it’s expectations. Before it gets too hot to handle!!

Precious Metals Elections – Gold vs. Silver

**It should be noted that NO political views for one side or the other are being expressed in this post or by Vermillion Enterprises. This post is merely reciting Market Analyst reviews for Safe Haven Precious Metals. It does not mean that we support in either direction or are pushing any political beliefs. We are reiterating Gold’s stance in all of this based on analyst reviews and asking for you to BUY MORE GOLD! (Insert Your Smile and Chuckle Here).

To see the full Market Analyst report, click here: Kitco News.

Let’s forget real politics (slightly) for a moment here and focus on the Precious Metals. Gold vs. Silver. Who will win the year end overall highs?

Many analysts still have faith that gold will remain well supported in its prices as the year ends. Starting with the Coronavirus outbreak earlier this year and now with a hard-hitting Presidential Election. In which is stated to be an election unlike any other the U.S. has experienced. Could this be so?

Gold has maintained steady above $1,900 an ounce through the clashes of the Debate that aired on September 29th, 2020. Democratic nominee Joe Biden vs. Republican nominee President Donald Trump. A chaotic debate that has left many still gripping to the Safe Haven Metals. Which has only left the dollar to wobble on the scale – uncertain of its victory or demise.

With the political and economic uncertainty leaving such a grip on the Safe Haven Metals, especially gold, we could see a spike in its prices. More so than Silver. Analysts at Heraeus Precious Metals state the uncertainty behind the elections is something that will continue to support gold prices in the near future. Especially up until the election on November 3rd. Which it is predicted that Gold prices will surge as we near the elections.

Here’s why:

Analysts are saying that in conjunction with previous election models from the Economist, there is an 88% chance that Biden will win. However, with the Electoral College in place, Trump could still pull a victory out like a magician with a white rabbit out of a hat.

In 2016 there was a severe underestimation of Trump’s support. Many believed that Hillary Clinton would take the Presidential seat. There was such a wide lead – right up until election night. When Trump’s supporters snuck in like ninjas.

However, analysts predict that if Biden wins, it could push assets away from the market volatility and into a more safe-haven friendly environment. Much like what we saw with Covid-19’s initial outbreak. This is based on Biden’s proposition of spending an additional $7.3 trillion over the next decade. With an ever-growing pile of U.S. debt, it could weaken the dollar more. Which in turn will raise Gold prices.

But it should be noted that even if Trump is re=elected. The economy is still on a dangerous edge of economical demise.  Which also still supports the prices of Gold going up.

Regardless of who wins the Presidential elections – Gold is predicted to win the Precious Metals Election. As it has had a higher support throughout the Coronavirus outbreak on top of a very chaotic and clashing viewpoint of the Presidential Elections.

Which means you should BUY more Gold NOW while prices are lower than what they are expected to be in the soonest future. We are less than one month away from the elections. No matter your political stance.


Where Can You Buy Gold?

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You can ALWAYS buy Silver Too!

Even if Silver isn’t expected to as well as Gold by year end – it does not mean it will not see a high rise by the end of the year. Besides, it could always pull a 2016 Trump Move – Ninja in at the last moment.

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

Where Can You Buy Silver?

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