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The Peace Dollar: A Symbol of Hope and Silver Splendor

The Peace Dollar: A Symbol of Hope and Silver Splendor

The Peace Dollar, minted from 1921 to 1935, is a numismatic masterpiece that carries a profound message of hope and unity. This stunning coin, with its design and silver content, has captured the hearts of collectors and investors for nearly a century. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, design, silver content, and key dates of the Peace Dollar, offering a comprehensive look at the coin’s enduring appeal.

Peace dollar silver coin

A Message of Peace in Troubled Times

The Peace Dollar, designed by renowned Italian-American sculptor Anthony de Francisci, was minted to commemorate the end of World War I, “The Great War.” The coin’s obverse features the image of Lady Liberty with a radiant crown of rays, symbolizing peace. The reverse of the coin showcases a majestic bald eagle perched on a rock, with an olive branch – a universal symbol of peace – in its talons.

The word “PEACE” is inscribed on the lower part of the coin’s reverse, serving as a powerful reminder of the global desire for peace after the horrors of World War I. The Peace Dollar is not only a work of art but also a tangible symbol of hope and unity.

The Silver Content

One of the most captivating aspects of the Peace Dollar is its silver content. These coins were struck in 90% silver and 10% copper, adhering to the traditional composition for U.S. silver coins of the time. Each Peace Dollar contains approximately 0.77344 troy ounces (24.057 grams) of pure silver, making it a highly sought-after option for collectors and investors.

The significance of silver in the Peace Dollar cannot be overstated. During the period of its issuance, silver played a crucial role in the U.S. monetary system, both for domestic transactions and international trade. The valuable silver content adds to the coin’s appeal, making it a tangible store of wealth beyond its face value.

Key Dates of the Peace Dollar

Within the Peace Dollar series, certain dates are considered key due to their rarity, historical significance, or unique features. Collectors and investors often seek these key dates to complete their collections or make strategic investments. Here is a list of some key dates to look for:

  1. 1921 High Relief – The first year of the Peace Dollar series, 1921 saw the production of both High Relief and Low Relief versions. The High Relief variety is highly collectible and celebrated for its artistic details.
  2. 1921-D – Denver Mint struck Peace Dollars in 1921, and these are key dates due to their limited mintage.
  3. 1927-D – The Denver Mint also produced Peace Dollars in 1927, with a mintage that is relatively lower compared to other years, making it a key date.
  4. 1934-S – The San Francisco Mint struck a limited number of Peace Dollars in 1934, increasing their rarity and desirability.
  5. 1935 – The final year of production for the Peace Dollar series, the 1935-S is often sought after by collectors as a series-ending coin.
  6. 1934 – The 1934-D and 1934-S are both notable due to their low mintages, which make them highly collectible.
  7. 1928 – Peace Dollars from the Philadelphia Mint in 1928 are a scarce find, contributing to their appeal among collectors.
  8. 1923-S – The San Francisco Mint issued Peace Dollars in 1923 with a lower mintage, adding to their rarity.
  9. 1924-S – Similarly, the 1924-S Peace Dollars are in demand by collectors due to their limited mintage.
  10. 1925-S – The San Francisco Mint issued Peace Dollars with a lower mintage in 1925, making them an attractive addition to any collection.

These key dates represent opportunities for collectors to own a piece of history and potentially invest in coins that may appreciate in value over time.

Why the Peace Dollar is Popular with Collectors and Investors

The Peace Dollar enjoys enduring popularity with collectors and investors for several compelling reasons:

  1. Historical Significance: The coin was created to commemorate a significant moment in history, the end of World War I. Its design and inscriptions reflect a universal yearning for peace and unity, resonating with people around the world.
  2. Silver Content: The Peace Dollar’s 90% silver content makes it a favorite among silver stackers and precious metal investors. Owning a Peace Dollar means holding a piece of silver history that has intrinsic value.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The coin’s elegant design and symbolism make it visually captivating. Its artistic qualities attract both collectors and those who appreciate the beauty of coins.
  4. Collectibility: Collectors are drawn to the Peace Dollar’s historical significance, key dates, and design variations. Completing a set of Peace Dollars is a rewarding pursuit for many numismatists.
  5. Limited Mintage: Many key dates within the series have low mintages, making them rare and highly collectible.
  6. Value Appreciation: The historical and numismatic significance of the Peace Dollar has led to value appreciation over the years, making it an attractive investment.
  7. Liquidity: Due to their popularity, Peace Dollars are relatively easy to buy and sell in the numismatic and precious metals market.

Collecting and Investing in Peace Dollars

If you’re interested in collecting or investing in Peace Dollars, consider the following tips:

  1. Condition: The value of a Peace Dollar can vary significantly based on its condition. Coins in excellent uncirculated condition often command higher prices.
  2. Authentication: When purchasing valuable or rare coins, ensure you are dealing with reputable sources or dealers who can authenticate the coin’s condition and authenticity.
  3. Storage: To protect the coin’s condition and silver content, store it in a coin holder or capsule to prevent tarnishing.
  4. Market Research: Keep an eye on the numismatic market and consult with experts or fellow collectors to stay informed about coin values and trends.
  5. Diversification: While the Peace Dollar is a noteworthy choice, consider diversifying your coin collection or precious metals investments to spread risk.


The Peace Dollar is not just a coin; it’s a symbol of hope, unity, and enduring value. Its remarkable design, historical significance, and precious silver content have made it a cherished part of American numismatic history. Whether you’re drawn to it for its symbolism, its silver value, or its historical connection to a significant moment in time, the Peace Dollar continues to shine as a numismatic treasure that captures the essence of peace and unity. It’s a reminder of the enduring allure of silver in American coinage and a favorite among collectors and investors who seek beauty, history, and value in one remarkable coin.

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