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Sports Card Grading – PSA, BGS, SGC? Who’s Better?

Vermillion Enterprises BUYS Graded Sports Cards.

I’m sure you’ve tried Googling – Who buys graded sports cards near me? Or where can I get the most money for my graded sports cards? Maybe you haven’t had your sports cards graded yet and want to know which grading company is the best to use.

Best Sports Card Grading Company?

By now you’ve come to realize that having your sports cards graded will yield you greater money when you go to resell them. Or even that some people or places won’t buy them unless they are graded. Why’s that? Honestly, it helps weaken the counterfeiting market and ensures that your hobby investment is legit.

But which grading company is the best? There’s a lot of them out there. Some newer than others. Or offering a lower price to use them to grade your cards. While there are a lot out there Vermillion Enterprises will be evaluating the TOP 3. Of which we do BUY – PSA, BGS, and SGC graded sports cards.


Each grading company offers it’s strengths and weaknesses. Similarly to any competing company or industry. Vermillion Enterprises BUYS Graded Sported Cards from all three competing grading companies.

PSA Grading

vermillion enterprises buys psa graded sports cards near me



Specializes in Pre-1970 sports cards. Typically – PSA graded Pre-1970 sports cards will sell for a higher rate than the same card graded by BGS or SGC. While PSA did join the one-half point grading system in 2008, it doesn’t mean there’s a 9.5 grading rate with PSA. They only offer one-half point grades on 2-8. Even though, they already have a 1.5 grade.
Faster in the appraisal process. The lack of 9.5 grades has spiked the prices on Gem Mint 10 graded cards. Which for some investors can be hard to obtain. So make sure you take EXTRA care when handling your raw cards, especially if you’re hoping for a Gem Mint 10 rating.
Grade tougher on corners, especially for Gem Mint 10 sports cards. Compared to BGS, PSA’s slabs are Plain Jane. Yes, they come with a vibrant, easily identifiable red label; however, BGS offers Gold and Silver Labels to focus on their higher rated cards.
Processed over 30 million sports cards and collectibles as a cumulative. A declared total value of over $1 Billion.
Ability to join PSA Collectors Club. Allows you access to bulk rates.
Has a card comparison, value report, and graded registry.

BGS Grading

Vermillion Enterprises buys BGS graded sports cards near me



Easily identifiable labels for higher graded cards.

Gold: Pristine 10 and Gem Mint 9.5

Silver: Mint 9 and Near Mint/Mint+ 8.5

White: Grades 1 – 8

Back to the labels. The color coding touch is a nice one; however, it can mean that some will overlook your cards if they don’t have a GOLD label on them. The coding system versus standard label suggests the hierarchy is deeper than just the grade.
Grade tougher on centering, especially for Gem Mint 9.5 & Pristine 10 sports cards. Autographs are graded on a sliding scale versus determining authentic or forged.
Seen as a better option for more modern cards. Post-1981. The grading system is considered too complex by most. It is an added touch of a report card, which can be good – but if you have two 9.5’s of the same card and one scored a 9.0 on the corners and the other scored a 9.5 on the corners, many would rather pay for the 9.5 and completely ignore your 9.0 corner scoring card. Corners are a BIG thing!
Offer different services based on the card.

BGS: 1981 – Present

BVG: Vintage, Pre-1980

Raw Card Review: Offering On-site Services at venues to allow for reviews of your cards and possible value BEFORE submitting for graded services.

BGS cardholders are larger than the PSA ones. Wider really. The larger your collection, the more space it will take up. If you store your graded cards by player – your storage space needs to be adequate and allow for wiggling if you have a PSA graded card and a BGS graded version of the same card.
Has a card comparison, value report, and graded registry.


SGC Grading

we buy graded sgc sports cards



By far, the lowest rates for grading services. While they have been around for 20+ years, their graded cards aren’t held with the same esteem as PSA or BGS. Which in some cases, can affect your profit price.
Simple label and slab design. Recent price changes include a two-tier package which has increased their pricing to be a closer comparison to that of PSA or BGS.
Quick turnaround service for grading.
Offer a POP reporting system which is easy to navigate. Looking for a specific card and want to know how many have been graded? Or a whole set? Maybe you only want to see cards graded above a 5 or a 6 – their reports do that as well. They also have videos to show you how to navigate their reports with ease.

No matter which company you use to have your sports cards and memorabilia graded or authenticated with, Vermillion Enterprises “buys graded sports cards near me”. Including: PSA, BGS, and SGC. Hopefully these PROS and CONS have helped you narrow down a little better as to which grading company is best suited for you. However, at Vermillion Enterprises – graded cards are better values. Regardless if it is PSA, BGS, or SGC.

Who Buys Graded Sports Cards Near Me?

Vermillion Enterprises. Located at: 5324 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34606. Call or Stop By Today!

Graded Sports Card Buy -er Near You Location

5324 Spring Hill Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34606

Vermillion Enterprises

Live to far away, but want to make sure you get paid TOP Dollar for your PSA, BGS, and/or SGC graded sports cards? Use our Mail in Services! No hassles, no fuss. Not satisfied with the offer we make? No problem! We will ship them back to you: Safe. Secure. At NO Cost To You.


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