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Must Know Formulas For Gold and Silver Stackers

Must Know Formulas For Gold and Silver Stackers

Do you want to know about the formulas related to gold and silver stackers? The gold and silver stackers use different formulas to calculate the price, melt price, and weight of premiums. However, we are getting specific queries frequently, like How to determine the melt value and many more questions you always ask. The calculator of spot price and melt price is easy. The whole calculating formula is also based on these two values, so you must first know the formulas for spot price and melt price.

Difference between spot and melt price
The difference between spot and melt prices depends on the weight of premiums like gold or silver. So it depends on several other factors. For example, the one-ounce of gold piece spot price differs from its melt point. The spot price of gold and silver is also its melt value. If you are interested in taking the one-ounce gold eagle with a spot price of 1713 dollars, its melt price value is also the same.

The spot price and melt price is easy to find. However, you can put values in the standard formula if you have more than one ounce of gold.

The standard formula to determine melt price is:

Spot price x actual gold weight = melt

Now, if you know about the price of premiums and their actual weight, you can quickly find the melt value. Put the values in the formula and multiply them to find the melt price.

For example, if you have the one-tenth ounce of a gold eagle and want to find its melt value, then you already know the spot price, which is 1713 gold.

Multiply the gold weight 0.1 by 1713; the resulting melt value will be 171.3 dollars.

Now the next step is to find the price out of the door for one-tenth of American eagle gold. So multiply the melt value by the current premium percent, around 22 percent. Keep in mind that the value of the premium is constantly changing, so you need to know about the updated percentage of premiums.

However, multiply the melt value by the premium percent and find the actual price for a one-tenth ounce of gold. The resulting cost will be 209 dollars.

Now by changing the gold weight, you can also find the prices of melt and actual price through this standard formula. It will help you quickly get the melt value of gold and silver.

Every gold has different values and points. The gold and silver stackers know about it and calculate the values according to it.

You can find the desired cost, melt value, and many more by knowing the formula and relevant values. The stackers always keep an eye on changing premiums and their value for running effectively in the market.

We hope this guide will help you calculate the gold and silver stackers.

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