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Hurricane Ian Update From A Florida Coin Shop

The hurricane was around the corner, and we didn’t know what to expect about the changes in gold prices and construction damages. It is moving toward Florida quickly, and we are preparing for it according to the instructions. The hurricane is in Tampa Bay, and we are at this area’s top. The officials are delivering the instructions, and we are following them to minimize the damage. According to our location, we are coming in the direct line of the storm. In the last 72 hours, it moved from Naples to Tallahassee. So we are also after being hit by a hurricane. It can cause damage, and we are preparing ourselves for it.

We are not ready to ship for the next two days and are closing everything due to radical changes in the next 48 hours. Currently, we have two to three orders that we will ship today. For the following orders, we have decided to take them today and will send them tomorrow. But if it is impossible, we will stop taking orders so the customers can get the best interest for their invested prices. We don’t know about the damage caused by the storm to our houses and shops. But there will be no damage to the product, especially if it is not on the road to delivery. It will also cause mental stress when the hurricane hits and your order is in the transition process.

Now, if we talk about the premiums, then everything is unpredictable. According to our analysis, we do not see any significant price changes. At this point, we are also not reordering anything. The current prices are affordable and low, but the premiums are unpredictable. It is also unfair for the distributors to order the stuff and ask them to ship during a hurricane. We are currently low on stock and standing on the other side of the storm. Hopefully, we will not get much damage, and the storm will pass and not do anything wrong to anyone.

The hurricane frequency is the critical factor that causes the damage. Landscapes also happen due to the high frequency of storms. Currently, we are taking the orders for today but will close the shops from tomorrow for safety. The hurricane is moving toward the town, and everyone is in fear of damage.

We will discuss the premiums and their significant changes according to trends once a hurricane passes. Right then, everyone should stay safe and protected. The storm can cause damage, and we can only hope it’s in bearable intensity.

Our team is praying for everyone and hopes you will stay safe, prepared, and protected from potential hurricane damage.

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