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Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

We BUY and SELL Silver Maple Leafs!

Vermillion Enterprises has Silver Maple Leafs. We buy and sell them. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a very popular choice. Buyers look to purchase these coins almost as much as they do American Silver Eagles.


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins:

These coins are one of the most guaranteed coins on the market today. Complete with anti-counterfeiting technologies – all the way down to the striking of the coin.

buy sell Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

  • First introduced in 1988.
  • Struck in .9999 pure silver fineness.
  • Reverse design remained unchanged until 2014, which added the new security features.
  • Given a “bullion DNA” on each each coin through micro-engraving.
  • Over 150 variations of the silver maple coin exist.
  • 1 oz. Coin Legal tender value = 5 CAD



Silver Maple Leaf – Notable Notations

  • There have been three versions of Queen Elizabeth to grace these coins.
    • Ranging from a young Queen Elizabeth to an older Queen Elizabeth.
we buy and sell silver maple leafs

The 1988 Silver Maple Leaf Coin Obverse – First Edition

silver maple leaf coin

The 1998 Silver Maple Leaf Coin Obverse – Second Edition

buy and sell maple leaf coins

The 2013 Silver Maple Leaf Coin Obverse – Latest Edition








  • silver maple leaf coins

    Special Privy Mark on the 1998 Titanic 86th Anniversary Silver Maple Leaf Tribute

    Other versions of the Silver Maple Leaf Include:

    • Commemorative editions
    • Editions with special privy marks
      • Notably, the 1998 Titanic 86th Anniversary
    • Fractional editions
    • Editions with nature-related themes
    • Colored and hologram editions


Maple Leaf Versions:

buy sell silver Gold Maple Leaf

Gold Maple Leaf

buy sell silver maple leafs

Silver Maple Leaf

Platinum Maple Leaf

Platinum Maple Leaf

Palladium Maple Leaf

Palladium Maple Leaf

Rhodium Maple Leaf

Rhodium Maple Leaf












Silver Maple Leafs versus American Silver Eagles:


We buy and sell both Silver Maple Leafs and American Silver Eagles. Both are largely sought after and highly collected. The differences being:

Obviously, one is American and the other is Canadian. However, American Silver Eagle coins are only .999% silver versus the .9999% of silver in the Canadian Maple Leaf. It does not make the Silver Maple Leaf more valuable on a silver purity level; however, some do prefer the 99.99% versus the 99.9%.

Although, it should be noted that the Canadian Maple Leaf has a greater tendency for milk spots. Due to their higher silver purity. Which can make them less attractive to some collectors. Also to note, American Silver Eagle coins do carry a higher premium.

Why Buy Silver Maple Leafs?

Like most bullion products, this coin saw a huge spike in demand from the 2008 financial crisis. Investors saw the fragility of our banking systems. Including the counter-party risks associated with paper assets. Many turned to physical precious metals as a safeguard against the devaluing dollar and traditional securities. Thus turning to silver coins like the Maple Leaf.

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is a beautiful, yet affordable way to invest in silver bullion. These silver bullion coins would be an excellent addition to any silver investor’s portfolio.

Why Buy Silver Maple Leafs from Vermillion Enterprises?

Many of our silver coins come from private estates or investors looking to cash out. Additionally, we work with numerous coin professionals all across the country. Sourcing new coins to make available in our Shop. This is your opportunity to add some beautiful Silver Maple Leafs to your collection.

Why Sell Silver Maple Leafs?

There are various reasons to sell your Silver Maple Leafs.

  1. You’re clearing out a family members estate.
  2. The market values are significantly higher at the time.
  3. You want to switch up your investment portfolio.

No matter the reason, Vermillion Enterprises is here to help!

Why Sell Silver Maple Leafs to Vermillion Enterprises?

We focus on silver coins and silver bullion products. Take advantage of our competitive silver prices and premiums today. We offer the fairest market rates within the silver bullion industry. Add in great customer service and a knowledgeable staff. Its a win-win.

In Conclusion:

As a Final Statement: You can buy or sell Silver Maple Leafs and other physical precious metals at Vermillion Enterprises. Additionally, we are a top seller of precious metal coins and bars in Spring Hill, FL. Vermillion Enterprises also strives to offer industry leading prices for the purchase of gold and silver bullion and numismatics. Buy online using the Text to Chat feature on the lower right or come on in! Sell in person at the Shop, it is quick, convenient, and we make the process smooth and effortless. We’re always looking for ways to replenish our inventories! We offer competitive prices for your numismatic or bullion coins and bars.

Buy or Sell Precious Metal Coins & Bars for Fair Market Prices: We are Industry Leaders in Gold & Silver Bullion


Get top dollar at Vermillion Enterprises for your bullion or numismatic gold, silver, platinum or palladium!

So if you live in or near Spring Hill, Lutz, New Port Richey, Hudson, Crystal River, Inverness, Brooksville or surrounding Florida location, stop in Vermillion Enterprises for some great deals on silver bullion. We have bars, generic rounds, and coins for sale! As well as these beautiful Canadian Silver Maple Leafs.

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