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Franklin Half Dollars

Buy-ing & Sell-ing Franklin’s at Vermillion Enterprises

Buy-ing and sell-ing Franklin Half Dollars won’t get easier than this. Are you looking to buy Franklin Half Dollars? Thinking about selling yours? Vermillion Enterprises BUYS and SELLS Franklin Half Dollars. Call or stop by today for the latest pricing.



Buy / Sell Franklin Halve Dollars @ Vermillion Enterprises!

Let’s be frank about Franklin

The finer details:

  • Struck between 1948 -1963.
  • On the obverse is Benjamin Franklin.
  • The reverse depicts the Liberty Bell.
    • A small Eagle is on the right of the bell. Added to fulfill the legal requirement that all half dollars depict an Eagle.
  • This coin has a reeded edge (ridged/grooved).
  • It consists of 90% Silver.

Total Struck = Over $465 Million dollars. Many of them are still circulating today.

The Minting – Liberty Bell Tolls

San Francisco

Franklin Half Dollar

San Francisco Minted Franklin Half Dollar

The San Francisco Mint begin minting Franklin Halves in 1949. Ceasing striking coins for circulation in 1955. They minted just over $32 million Franklin Half dollars. The fewest of the three mints. In Mint State grades, San Francisco minted halves carry a premium.

A small “S” was placed above the bell. Just below “E” of States. Used to identify the San Francisco Mint.


Franklin Half Dollar

Denver Minted Franklin Half Dollar

The Denver Mint contributed the largest amount of Franklin Half Dollars minted. Even with missing two years – 1955 and 1956. Minting just over $295 Million half dollars! $67 Million in 1963 alone. Most of these trade at silver values. 1949-D stands out showing demand from beginning collectors. Nice, lightly circulated 1949-D Franklin’s are worth close inspection.

A “D” mint mark to identify its production. Above the bell, a small “D” indicates Denver struck the coin.


Franklin Half Dollar

Philadelphia Minted Half Dollar

The main U.S. Mint is Philadelphia. It is responsible for striking circulating coinage and producing all dies used in coinage operations. For all mints.  $138 million halves for circulation were minted at Philadelphia. Additionally, striking just under $16 million proof Franklin halves.

Proof coins were packaged and sold as sets, not released into circulation. Philadelphia minted Franklin Halves every year of the series. The variety is available in quantities and worn examples trade with movements of silver value.

No mint mark at the time of the Franklin series was used. No mint mark in the area just above the bell and below the “E” of States confirms Philadelphia struck the coin.

All About the Benjamins!

The Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar that is.

This half dollar weighs in at a staggering: Silver: 0.36169 troy oz.

It is 90% Silver and 10% Copper.

Currency Value: $0.50

Since it is a 90% Silver, it is bought and sold at a percentage of the Silver Spot Price.

Vermillion Enterprises has Franklin Half Dollars!

We buy and sell Franklin Half Dollars. No collection is too large or too small.  Message us or come by! Whether you are looking to sell yours or buy more, we want and we have Franklin Half Dollars.


So if you live in or near Spring Hill, Lutz, New Port Richey, Hudson, Crystal River, Inverness, Brooksville or surrounding Florida location, stop in Vermillion Enterprises for a price on your coins and currency today.

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