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Bullion Dealer Talks About Crazy Moves In Silver & Gold Premiums

Bullion Dealer Talks About Crazy Moves In Silver & Gold Premiums

The buying or selling of silver and gold is back after a hurricane. Unfortunately, the premiums are going up more than anybody expects. We are not expecting it, but everything is going up except the silver eagles and constructions. The generic silver is also going up in the next few weeks, along with all other things. The prices of gold eagles are also talking to the skies. We have considered something about it in the past few days, but the Gold Eagles are taking higher jumps than in previous days.

Recently, premiums have been locked at the spot price and remain in the same position until the weekend. The premiums have high costs and stay at current spot prices for at least a month or till the weekend. We hope the prices will drop significantly and stabilize for some time.

But remember that premiums will typically go up, and nature beats its prices.

Now let’s move towards the premiums’ prices and how they change along with spot prices. The Gold Eagles are for spot prices and the additional five percent, and we are selling them at the spot prices and the other seven percent. The significant price increase happened yesterday, and we believe the builders will do the allocation and last for a year. Unfortunately, the gold eagle prices will become at high rates until 2013 hits the corner. In addition, Buffalo gold is working at the same rates. We are buying it at the spot price with an addition of 3.5 percent and selling it at the spot price of 5.75 percent. The increase in prices is minimal as compared to other premiums.

The demand for buffalo is low, so its prices are also increasing. Foreign gold is also at significantly higher prices. We are buying the foreign gold at spot prices with the addition of 30 dollars and selling at the spot price along with the 65 dollars additional cost. The price of one ounce of foreign gold may go up in the coming weeks.

We are now moving towards coal, and silver gold, whose price also changes along with premiums. We price the coal silver at 29 dollars per piece. These silver coins are in good shape, along with polished textures.

The price of Kim gold also increases with the addition of some dollars. The replacement cost also increases with the 100 bricks. We are getting it at the spot price with an additional two dollars and selling it at the spot price of 2.35 dollars.

We have a bunch of silver tags available for sale at the shop. You can get it at a reasonable price without having any additional percentage or dollars. It will give you the premiums at an affordable price as the dealers convert them into coins.

We hope this guide will help you know about the latest price trends of premiums and what to expect in the next few days.

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