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Baseball Cards In A Can

Baseball cards in a can

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The game itself was great but I also thought it was cool that my box of Cracker Jacks came with a baseball card inside. Never mind that I hadn’t hear of the player before, I was very much into collecting baseball card folder at the time and the thought of having a card you could only find in a Cracker Jack box intrigued me. Then, it happened. Late in the game a foul ball went into the first-base dugout, and one of the players tossed it up over the dugout. A mad scramble ensued for the ball but like a magnet my hand went straight to the ball. Amid a few disappointing sighs from other kids around me I held the ball in triumph as my dad said, “We can try to get a few autographs after the game.” I wanted nothing more.

I would save my change up till I had enough for a pack and could not wait till I got home to open it. I would open it right there in the parking lot. Shove the extremely hard slime green gum stick in my mouth and start chomping on it, while I skimmed through the cards. I knew which ones I had, needed and which ones would make grandma say, “Ewww, that’s discussing”. You know I think that made them even cooler.

For any Vintage baseball cards fan, stepping onto the grounds today is to take a step back into baseball history. Last summer, the director of the League Park Society, Russ Haslage, gave a personal tour of the grounds, and you couldn’t help but share in his enthusiasm.

baseball cards in a can

My point is this. I had fun with those thin colored pieces of cardboard. I traded my doubles with friends. Placed the stickers you sometimes got, all over my room. And I will tell you what they were far cheaper then all the stuff kids want now. Bring back the trading cards. I mean you can still buy them but are a little hard to find. I bet you get some weird looks when you start handing them out. My kids and I collect WWE cards. We have fun and try to get as many autographed as possible. Bring them back and bring back a simpler more wallet eased gift. Get collecting!

When I was a young boy collecting buying baseball cards Holiday, it never occurred to me that if I had enough money I could buy a whole box. My friends were the same way, we would spend whatever money we could get on a few packs and maybe some candy. But today I enjoy buying unopened boxes of cards over individual packs.

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I can see why some people are so zealous about baseball memorabilia. Their baseball fantasy made a lot more sense to me after I sold this Harry Wright piece.

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