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A Norma Jeane Tourmaline Ring

A Vermillion Enterprises Exclusive!

Looking for a gemstone that is not only beautiful to look at but worthy of the Hollywood Stars?

You have got one in this Norma Jeane Tourmaline Style Ring!

A Norma Jeane Tourmaline Style Ring. Whodathunk? I mean the name just, well, rings!

Norma Jeane

Look at the size of that ring on her finger!

Just Who or What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a very versatile gemstone. Much like Hollywood’s Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe stardom. The name Tourmaline tells it all. It means “mixed stone.” This ring is no different. It is a Hollywood mix at an affordable price. A Norma Jeane Tourmaline Style Ring. What makes Tourmaline a mixed gemstone?

There are several reasons why Tourmaline is considered “mixed.” Tourmaline has a complex molecular structure. Its chemistry has oddly been described by John Ruskin. John Ruskin was a Famous 19th century art critic and person of wide-ranging knowledge. He says its “more like a doctor’s prescription than the making of a reputable mineral.” Many tourmaline crystals exhibit polarity. This means the color, electrical properties, and the crystal forms are different at opposite ends of the crystal. Additionally, when heated or rubbed, it acquires an electric charge. This electrical charge attracts small objects. Small objects such as dust and other lightweight objects. This property is known as “pyroelectricity,” a legitimate magical property!

Furthermore, Tourmaline is used in some electrical devices to produce pressure gauges. For example, PCB Piezotronics offers a Tourmaline Pressure Bar. It is “designed for reflected shock wave pressure measurement.” If that does not just wow you!

Norma Jeane vs. Tourmaline: Is it a Popularity Contest?

No contest at all. As beautiful, witty, and iconic as Norma Jeane is, Tourmaline is known to be just as beautiful and iconic. Maybe not as witty though. Previously mistaken, Tourmaline, has been around since the late 1600’s! Its first known discovery being off the coast of Italy. Originally discoverers mistook Tourmaline to be Emeralds and Rubies. It would be almost another 200 years before scientists realized the mineral properties differed. Tourmaline is in a class of its own! With its own mineral properties.

GIA Certified Blue-Green Tourmaline & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Vermillion’s Tourmaline & Diamond Norma Jeane Style Ring

Even Tourmaline’s color comes in a variety of beauty. From a fiery red to a bubblegum pink. Perhaps you prefer a sunflower yellow or possibly an oceanic blue. Maybe, color is not what you are looking for. You just want the glamour. Tourmaline even comes in a colorless option. Whatever color suits you, I promise, Tourmaline has the perfect hue! Thus, making Tourmaline one of the most popular gemstones out there. Where there’s a demand, there will be a supply! Additionally, this gemstone is capable of being in a small or large stone setting.

Small Tourmaline gemstones set off a pair of earrings with just enough glitz and glitter. Or make a bold statement with a HUGE 8.38 cttw ring surrounded in white diamonds. Like the one at Vermillion Enterprises! A Hollywood show stopper for sure! Compare the two rings – Norma Jeane’s is unmistakably huge, but colorless. Vermillion’s is just as huge, but in a beautiful blue-green Tourmaline. Making you cocktail hour ready! Hollywood Red Carpet worthy! It’s definitely a Norma Jeane Tourmaline Style Ring.

Celebrate with Tourmaline

Tourmaline also serves as a birthstone for the month of October. Opal being the October birth month originator. Opal, of course, comes in a variety of colors as well. However, these colors come as a conglomerate. Whereas Tourmaline, can be more color specific. Yet, this gemstone also offers a color gradation, like a Watermelon hue! You got that right! A pink, white, and green array. Oh my!

Birthstone and Anniversary Gemstone Chart

Birthstone and Anniversary Gemstone Chart – You’ll need it for more than just this piece – I promise you!

Tourmaline is also the gemstone representative of the 8th Wedding Anniversary. This gemstone represents love and friendship. A quality Norma Jeane possessed herself. Who says Tourmaline does not belong on the Red Carpet? Bright, pure tones of red, blue and green are generally the most valued, but the electric vivid green to blue shades of copper-bearing tourmaline are so exceptional that they are in a class by themselves! Which gets us back to Vermillion Enterprise’s GIA Certified Blue-Green Tourmaline & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring! Not only is it blue-green, but, it has some copper tones in it as well. Making it an exceptional choice for your 8th Wedding Anniversary!

Copper Toned Norma Jeane or Tourmaline?

We are here for the Tourmaline! What is that copper color in the Tourmaline? Paraiba Tourmaline. According to GIA (Gemological Institute of America), “researchers believe that its crystals form under very unusual conditions, with large amounts of trace elements like manganese and copper.”  This causes the coloration. Paraiba Tourmaline comes in blue-green hues with an undeniable copper tone in them. Paraiba Tourmaline is considered unusual. Copper colors some other gems like Turquoise. Not the color turquoise, the gemstone. Copper is not a coloring agent in any other tourmaline but the Paraiba Tourmaline. Paraiba Tourmaline is found in Brazil. Making this Tourmaline a highly sought after gem. Along with that comes a pricier tag. Again, making Vermillion’s ring even more a Norma Jeane Tourmaline Style Ring. Hollywood Style with an affordable price.

Vermillion's Tourmaline Ring compared to a Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone

Vermillion’s Blue-Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring compared to a Paraiba Tourmaline – to showcase the copper tones in both

So come on down to Vermillion’s and check this beauty out! If you live in or near Spring Hill, Lutz, New Port Richey, Hudson, Crystal River, Inverness, Brooksville or surrounding Florida counties – Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, stop in and say hi! Vermillion’s has a beautiful Norma Jeane Tourmaline Style Ring in Blue-Green with Diamonds in a 14K White Gold setting – just waiting for you!


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