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In many budgeting articles, you often see instructions that everyone should make a budget. That approach appears imply that overspending means there is no budget in place. It may be more helpful for people to gain input on how to realign a budget into one that makes more efficient use of their money. This approach would allow you to review your budget for ways to free up money that you can save.

The Deep River Grinders play baseball according to the rules of 1858. vintage buying baseball cards Tampa is much different from baseball as we know it today. The old rules were unlike the current rules of baseball. Players were referred to as “gentlemen,” and they were not permitted to steal bases, swear, or spit. Those offenses would cost a player 25 cents, which was an average weeks wages back in the mid 1800’s. Fans, otherwise known as “cranks,” can enjoy an ice-cold bottle of sassafras tea, Vienna-style hot dogs, and other reasonably priced food and refreshments. The sale of sassafras tea helps support the team. Call (219) 947-1958 to become a member of the Deep River Grinders or to find out the current game schedule.

This was the era when a few extra pennies meant that I walked or rode my bicycle about a mile to the store below my house and purchased Topps sports cards wholesale. It meant that they were separated into teams and put into a small toolbox that my father had made for me. I collected Yankee baseball and Mickey Mantle cards along with others until I graduated from high school and went off to college. This was the year that my cards were given to a younger boy in the neighborhood by my mother. To this day I still get a funny feeling when I walk into a store and see the new packs of sports and racing cards.

If you decide to donate your cards, you can save a lot of time not having to list them on eBay or trying to sell them on Craigslist. Instead my recommendation would be to have them appraised and keep that appraisal for your taxes. Make sure to consult with your tax specialist to ensure you get the best bang for your buck in your donations. Remember to that you can usually take the write off over several years if that fits your situation better. Write down your transportation costs as well for your donation, as that adds up fast. Baseball cards can bring smiles to many kids and this will bring a smile to your face as well, take my challenge and donate some cards today.

While not right for everyone a Vintage baseball cards trip to the then local library branch was like a trip to a different world I think there were a dozen books or so in the apartment I Was a kid in but in the library The public libraries were called Free because that is exactly what it cost to use them.

Other activities include the Dodworth Saxhorn Band Concert on Saturday and the musical show “Simply Broadway” (at the Town Hall) and The Model-T Medley (a 10 minute music medley with a bit of Model-T humor near the Scotch Settlement School) on both days. There will also be plenty of food available for purchase.

There is no admission fee and all are welcome to attend. Come out and see history brought to life with a vintage baseball trading card values doubleheader and a tour of the League Park grounds.

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