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Spot the Silver Challenge

Spot the Silver:

Silver Coins that is! With the coronavirus still around – times can be a little challenging right now. Especially if you are cooped up in the house. But there’s some fun things you can do around the house, and even if you feel like venturing out into the sunshine – some small adventures that you may have fun on! Plus, they’re kid friendly. Although, I don’t suggest having your 3-year-old sort coins. Those coins may look awfully tasty, but the metals won’t digest the same.


silver coin challenge

Just ask this guy – a 62-year old French man who swallowed around 350 coins – including jewelry! 12 lbs of metal hanging in the bowels. P.S. I don’t suggest using a metal detector on people either. Just saying.

Ok, enough of the shenanigans! Are you ready to get out and have some fun? Stockpile some silver coins from the comfort of your home? Or set off on an adventure with your children or grandchildren? Then let’s do this!


  1. The Piggy Bank:

    • Don’t break it! But you might want to look in it though!
    • Sometimes, thumbing through your coin jar will yield some silver! Of course, the larger your stockpile is, the greater the chances are that you will find some.
  2. silver coins

    Missing Sock may lead to COIN Reward…

    The Sock Stealer:

    • You know that contraption in your laundry room that dries your clothes. The one that steals socks and hoards dust bunnies. Look in it!
    • Where you might ask? Typically, under the drum. Depending on your model, you may want to wait until the dryer is no longer needed before you start scouring it. If you find any old socks – odds are you threw the matching mate away a long time ago BUT you may still be surprised at what else you find!
  3. Use more cash.

    • When you pay with cash, you receive change in return.  Each cash transaction provides the potential for receiving a silver coin. It may be a little harder now with the National Coin Shortage – but still could prove fruitful.
  4. Buy Rolled Coins.

    • Get $200 worth of rolled dimes; look through them for coins minted prior to 1965; if you find one replace it with a regular coin so the roll stays intact; return the dimes back to the bank and repeat or cash out. Again, the National Shortage might have an impact on that but it never hurts to try!
    • You can ALSO ask them if they have any unique coins. Sometimes, they keep them in their drawers – just in case someone asks!
  5. Visit the Laundromat or an Arcade:

    • The Change Machine – just may give you some pre-1964 Washington Quarters!
  6. Get a Metal Detector.

    • Cliché, right? No! You’d be surprised what you find! Go to the beach, take a walk in the park or down a hiking trail. A mini adventure awaits you! You never know what treasures may lurk – you many find rings and necklaces as well!
    • Harbor Freight sells them for about $50.
  7. Old Town/Down Town Areas:

    • Stay Public- without raiding the water fountains, you can find coins everywhere – people drop them all the time.
    • You can do mini digs in Public areas. Not full on excavations, but sometimes checking dirt areas with a garden shovel can yield interesting things.
    • Even walking down the sidewalks in your neighborhood you could find something!

What Silver Coins Are You Looking For:

Roosevelt Dimes 1947 -1964 - Circulated

Roosevelt Dimes 1947 -1964 – Circulated 90% Silver $1 Face Value

Mercury Dimes 1916 -1946 - Circulated

Mercury Dimes 1916 -1946 – Circulated 90% Silver $1 Face Value

Washington Quarters 1932 -1964 - Circulated

Washington Quarters 1932 -1964 – Circulated 90% Silver $1 Face Value

Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916 - 1947 - Circulated

Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916 – 1947 – Circulated 90% Silver $1 Face Value

Franklin Half Dollars 1948 - 1963 - Circulated

Franklin Half Dollars 1948 – 1963 – Circulated 90% Silver $1 Face Value


1964 Kennedy Half Dollars - Circulated

1964 Kennedy Half Dollars – Circulated 90% Silver $1 Face Value

Helpful Tips:

  1. Quarters: Quick Check
    • Stack them up tall. Grab a section and turn it on the side. If you see Copper in there, then you can keep spending those quarters. But if you see one that is all silver – take it out and check the date! Use this as a guide:
Silver Coins - Quarters

Silver Coin Checker – Quarters! Copper clad (right) versus Silver (left).

  1. Roosevelt Dimes might be a little more time consuming to look through – but if you have the time and the patience, it could certainly pay off. However, many do prefer to spot the Mercury! Which is easy – not only by looking at the front of the coin, but the back of the coin as well. (Refer to your pics up top!)
  2. Have fun!!!
  3. Remember: You might not find anything, but it kept you from sitting in front of the t.v. and sent you on a little adventure. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

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