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Local Coin Shop Junk Silver Premiums

Local Coin Shop Junk Silver Premiums

The local coin shop has a different variety of coins. Every coin has a history and varies in quality. The silver and gold coin prices also change frequently and hit the market with new rates daily. If you are looking to buy silver coins or junk silver and visit the local coin shop for pricing, the prices may go up and down every time you visit. Currently, the silver prices are sitting around 20 dollars, and gold is at 1780 dollars. It is the highest rate that you can imagine from the previous week. However, silver and gold are volatile up and down.

Natural disasters are at their position and impact the premium changes. The changes in premiums are still selling with its spot prices.

However, if you are interested and want to know about the latest premium changes and trends, this guide is for you. Here are the premium changes of silver and gold that you should know.

  • One ounce of foreign gold is available at our shop, and you can get it if you like. However, we are buying the foreign gold at a spot price plus 3o dollars and selling it for the spot price with the addition of 65 dollars. The cost of foreign gold fluctuates as the other premiums. We have different quality coins in foreign gold that you can get, and by paying the cash, you can save yourself from state tax.
  • Gold eagles are famous among all the gold premiums. We are buying the gold eagles for the spot price plus four percent of premiums and selling it at the spot price with a seven percent premium. By calculating it, you can get an average price of around 1894. You can quickly calculate the costs through the standard formula.
  • Now moving toward the silver, the 100-ounce silver bars are available. We are buying it at the spot price plus 1.20 dollars and selling it at the spot price plus 2.35 dollars. You can also get kilo bars or small 50 ounces bars.
  • Moreover, one ounce of silver bars is also precious. We are buying it at the spot price plus 2 dollars and selling at the spot price with an additional 3.25 dollars.
  • If you are interested in silver eagles, we buy them at 10 dollars with a spot price and sell them at a spot price with 11 dollars premiums. In that regard, the replacement is the best choice that you can consider.
  • Canadian silver coins are unique and precious. We are buying the Canadian coins at a spot price plus 3.75 and selling at a spot price with premium changes. You can get 14 coins in total or 28 ounces of Canadian silver.
  • Dimes and quarters are also available; we are selling them at the spot price plus 7.5 dollars.

So you can get plenty of stock at reasonable prices and update your premium collections. We also have hundred year coins at affordable prices.

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