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Grandidierite, A Beautifully Rare Gemstone

Grandidierite – Have Yourself a Rare Gem? Put a Ring on It!

The Grandidierite is just that – a rare gem! A VERY RARE gemstone at that. Often found in the top 10 of the Rarest Gems in the world!! Vermillion Enterprises has one available in a Blue-Green Grandidierite & White Diamond Heart Shaped Platinum Ring! Let’s take a look and find out why it’s so rare!

The Grandidierite History:

Grandidierite was first discovered in 1902 in Madagascar by Alfred Lacroix. Named after the infamous Alfred Grandidier. The first French explorer in Madagascar. The mineral itself has since been found in various other locations, including Sri Lanka. However, gemstone quality minerals are very scarce due to:

  1. Mineral pockets, when found, tend to be small and are quickly depleted.
  2. It has perfect and good cleavage in two directions, which makes it challenging to cut.
  3. Most of these gemstones tend to be translucent (semi-transparent or cloudy).
  4. Pure and transparent pieces are rarer to find.

Let’s Talk Gemstone Money:

Grandidierite can be expensive! Semi-transparent Grandidierite gemstones can still be in the high thousands. Just depends on weight and clarity. The more transparent the gem, the rarer it is. Not to mention, pricier too! On the opposite end of the scale, you can find an opaque gemstone for next to nothing. However, the rarity level significantly drops as well. You know the saying, you get what you pay for! Vermillion’s gemstone is nothing short of quality. Or beauty. It radiates and relishes in it’s brilliance.

According to Forbes, Grandidierite can fetch a whopping $20,000 per carat!! Check it out for yourself here at Forbes – Grandidierite.

The Wilensky Gallery in New York City holds some incredibly beautiful specimens of Grandidierite. Currently they have three pieces available for purchase. Wilensky’s pieces weigh in at 2.86, 3.14, and 4.96 carets. Priced at $69,000, $78,000, and $129,500, respectively. You can see their gemstones here – Wilensky Gallery – Grandidierite.  Take a look! You will be amazed. Just think, a gemstone that beautiful can be yours too. Remember, Vermillion’s got one – just for you! With an added flair, diamonds!

Grandidierite – Certification and Availability:

Rare Grandidierite and Diamond Platinum Ring

Transparent – “Which means – the gem can transmit light and scatters the light as it exits the gem.”

Available exclusively at Vermillion Enterprises, this Grandidierite Diamond Ring, has been GIA certified. GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. They are gemstone experts! GIA is a leading source of gem knowledge, standards, and education. Thus, protecting not only the gem, but the jewelry buyer as well. Click here to learn more about GIA. You can up your gemstone knowledge through GIA as well.  But geez, let’s get back to this gemstone already!

As I was saying, Vermillion’s gemstone is GIA certified. GIA Certificate #6204912828 ,with a transparency rating of Transparent. Transparent means the gem can transmit light. It also scatters the light as it exits the gem. Which means it’s pure. When extracted from the depths of the Earth, Grandidierite minerals tend to have other minerals included. Other minerals such as Zircon and Monazites. No Bueno! Ultimately, that affects the purity and color of the stone.  As well as, the translucency of it. Often creating a milky looking gemstone. Here we have a beautiful Blue-Green color gemstone cut into a heart. Thus, making it one of the rarest pieces of Grandidierite you can find. Especially one that is GIA certified. Over 50% of the weight will be lost when faceted (having many sides – like this heart), . Making a gemstone this shape and size, 2.11 cttw heart, nearly nonexistent!

Let me explain the cuts that make these heart shaped facets.

Grandidierite - Transparent versus Translucent

Vermillion Enterprises has a rare, transparent blue green gem, heart shaped Grandidierite gemstone surrounded by white diamonds, rounds and baguettes, in a platinum ring setting. Making it one of the top 0.01% of Grandidierite.


Gemstones- The Minor Details that make a Major Impact:

There are many cut options for gemstones. This heart shaped Grandidierite is a mixed cut. The crown, or height of the gem, is a Brilliant Cut. Where the pavilion, or depth of the gem, is a Step Cut. What does that mean exactly, you ask? Well, brilliant cut is a  gemstone cut with numerous facets. Typically, in the shape of a cone. A cone provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond. Most brilliant cuts are found in diamond rings. A Step Cut is typically a piece that is rectangular in fashion. It ascends the crown and descends the pavilion, in steps. Most step cuts are found in Emeralds and baguettes. Making them popular because they show off the stone’s color and clarity. Producing a subtle gleam.

Symmetry also plays a vital role. The two halves of the heart must be perfectly equal. It must have a sharp and distinct cleft with slightly rounded sides. When combined together, this beautiful heart shape comes alive with flair. With 59 standard facets, this cut can offer a superb sparkle. Add transparency to it and you have a magnificent gemstone! Glitz! Glam! Gleam!

Gemstone Healing Powers:

Gemstones are not only beautiful to look at, but many believe in their mineral properties to be healing. Grandidierite is no different. It is said that Grandidierite can remove fears that may plague your heart in love. As well as, remove negative emotions relative to jealousy and anger and promote peace within. Maybe you’re not a healing gemstone/crystal person but colors get you every time? Well, let me tell you some more about this mysterious and rare Grandidierite gem!

Vermillion Enterprise’s beauty is a blue-green gemstone. Blue is the color of trust and peace. Often associated with the sky and the sea. Blue signifies depth and stability. In addition to trust and peace, it invokes loyalty, confidence, intelligence/wisdom. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body – slowing the human metabolism and producing a calming effect. Whereas green, balances out the blue.

Green is the color of balance and growth. It symbolizes harmony, freshness, and fertility. Often invoking a strong emotional correspondence with safety. It is also associated with money and wealth. Additionally, green is said to have a great healing power.

Healing, the au natural way.

Grandidierite: 100% Au Natural:

90% of the gemstones on the market are being enhanced these days. Enhancing includes heating to improve color. Or oiling to improve color and transparency. Unfortunately, it happens. Grandidierite; however, is completely un-enhanced. It’s color and transparency being completely natural and unique. Rare for many gemstones.

Grandidierite is considered to be a fairly durable stone as well. It has a hardness of 7.5 on the Moh scale. Making Grandidierite a perfect match as a center stone in jewelry. It has a high resistance to almost every type of scratching it may experience. Thus making this ring’s wear ability even easier. Lastly, its super easy to care for! It does not require any special cleaners. All that is needed is a mild soap in warm water.

Rare Grandidierite Gemstone and Diamond Platinum Ring

**VERY RARE** GIA Certified Blue-Green Grandidierite & White Diamond Heart Shaped Platinum Ring

The Diamond Encrust:

Additionally, this Grandidierite ring is surrounded in white diamonds. Diamonds attract abundance, purify and signify love, and will bring a smile to anyone’s face! Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend after all. But not every diamond can be as rare as the gemstone it is paired with. Vermillion’s Grandidierite just happens to be paired with some genuinely nice diamonds indeed! The diamonds in this ring are rated at: VS1-S1. This means there is very small inclusions and small inclusions of imperfections, that the naked eye cannot detect. They are barely visible even under 10x magnification (a standard jeweler’s loupe).  This ring is truly a one of a kind – rare in not only its gemstone choice, but in its color and size.

Beautiful, easy to love and care for, and brings peace and balance to your life – why not put a ring on it with Grandidierite!

So if you live in or near Spring Hill, Lutz, New Port Richey, Hudson, Crystal River, Inverness, Brooksville or surrounding Florida counties – Pinellas, Hillsborough, Citrus, stop in and say hi! Come check out this beautiful Grandidierite & White Diamond Heart Shaped Platinum Ring today!

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