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Baseball Card Collecting Focus (Or Lack Thereof)

The Friends of Vintage Baseball promote history and baseball games played by the rules of 1860’s and 1880’s. The games emphasize team play and respect for the other players. It is a free family event that promotes the positive history of baseball. In the warmer months there are weekly games of the Colt Vintage Baseball League played on Saturdays at Hartford Baseball Grounds at Colt Meadows. It is located at 8 Hendricsen Avenue, Hartford, CT. The game begins at 11.00 AM Admission and parking are free.

Detractors cite his .273 lifetime batting average, low for a Hall candidate. Joe Gordon hit .268 lifetime. Gil Hodges’ page in the Baseball Encyclopedia has only one bold figure to indicate league leader, for strikeouts in 1951. This is the least acceptable excuse I’ve heard for his exclusion from Cooperstown.

Now, I always come across great wooden Baseball Bat. I even find vintage buying baseball cards Elfers Bat at the flea market every summer. Each of these would be perfect to make into this simple clock.

There could be any number of reasons for you to buy an unopened box of baseball cards. Some collectors want to make sure that they get all the available pulls from a particular box. If a hobby box is said to contain two autograph cards the only way to make sure you get them is to buy the whole box. Another reason is you can normally save a few dollars if you buy the box versus buying one pack at a time.

Many people have things sitting around their house that they would like to sell. Old clothes that are still in good condition that children have outgrown can be sold on eBay. Designer name brand clothing that is gently used often sells on eBay. Collectible items such as stamps, coins, buy old baseball cards, trading cards, comic books, old magazines and other collectible items sell very well on eBay. Automobiles are often sold on eBay. Automobile parts can also be found on eBay. Toys and health and beauty products can be sold on eBay. Gift cards, furniture, electronics, figurines, seasonal items, video games, cameras, cell phones, mp3 players and much more can be sold on eBay.

The city has also attempted to acquire the Vintage baseball cards two remaining private parcels on the block that have gone into foreclosure. However, attempts to reach Wobser and the mayor’s office regarding an updated status on the project have gone unreturned.

South Pass City, Wyoming is a journey back in time to the Old West and the Gold Rush days. When planning a trip, plan to be there for the whole day because aside from a lot to see, it is a great place to relax for a picnic with the whole family.

Pop a battery into your clock kit and you can now hang your Baseball Bat clock on the wall. If you are hanging it in a family game room why not hang it where everyone will see it! This will be a really conversation starter when the kids have friends over to spend the night!

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