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5324 Spring Hill Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34606

99.9% Silver Coins in Lutz

Buy & Sell 99.9% +  Silver Coins in Lutz!

Vermillion Enterprises specializes in gold & silver. 40% Silver, 90% Silver, and 99.9% Silver. We buy and sell 99.9% + Silver Coins in Lutz. 40% Coins! 90% Coins! 99.9% + Coins! Basically, we buy silver coins. And therefore, sell silver coins. Call or stop by today!

99.9% + Fine Silver Coins We Buy and Sell


Monster Boxes, Proofs, Tubes, and 1-oz. loose coins.



Tubes and 1 oz. singles.



1 oz. singles


99.9% + Silver Coins – History

“99.9% + Silver” references certain 1 ozt silver coins. Investors, collectors, buyers, sellers, etc use this term specifically for:

Additionally, this term also differentiates these coins from 40% Silver, 90% Silver, and current circulating coins. 1965-1970 coins contained 40% Silver. Coins prior to 1965 contained 90% Silver. Current circulating coins do not contain silver.

Silver coins are considered the oldest mass-produced form of coinage. For use as trade, currency, and investment.

Add to your investment – we always have a healthy stock of 99.9% + Fine Silver Coins. Buy tubes or mix-and-match with singles.

Want to cash in on some of your investment instead? No problem. We buy sealed and unsealed monster boxes and sealed and unsealed tubes. As well as singles – whether they are the same year, same coin, or not.

Vermillion Enteprises, the place to buy and sell 99.9% + Silver Coins in Lutz.

Call or stop by today!

Other Silver Coins/Rounds We Buy & Sell:

About Us:

Vermillion Enterprises: Where Quality Service Meets Fair Market Prices. We are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Like. Subscribe. Follow.

So if you live in or near Spring Hill FL, Lutz FL, New Port Richey FL, Hudson FL, Crystal River FL, Inverness FL, Brooksville FL or surrounding location. Stop in Vermillion Enterprises for a price on your 99.9% + Silver today.

What’s Happening in Lutz?

Lutz is most notably known for the Old Lutz Schoolhouse. It is a nationally registered landmark in Florida. A one-room frame schoolhouse built in 1910. By 1912, it had 37 students. Ranging from first grade through eighth grade. Old Lutz School’s Principal AND Teacher was an eighteen-year old woman. Her name was Miss Callie Berry. She earned a staggering $30.00 per month. Typically, in bearish markets anyway, that’s what American Silver Eagles are worth. So I guess you could say, she earned an American Silver Eagle every month.

Lutz - we buy and sell gold

Old Lutz Schoolhouse, Lutz, FL. Class of 1912

A second school was built between 1912 – 1927. It later became the Cafeteria once the 3rd School was built in 1927. The 3rd Schoolhouse was designed with 4 rooms down stairs and a large auditorium upstairs. A few years later, the auditorium was divided into 4 rooms and included a teacher’s room as well.

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